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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Stanley thermos cup?

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dat - Posted - 10/22/2021:  10:37:45

Ok, ive looked and looked, even e mailed stanley (no response from their cust ass dept) May be somebody here knows, on the old green aladdin stanley thermos, the pour through stopper screws in, the cup screws in on top of that, but there is a bigger threaded part too, is there a bigger cup that can screw down on top of the original cup? Ill try to get a picture up

dat - Posted - 10/22/2021:  11:31:20

I can’t figure out how to get the picture off my phone and on the screen here, so probably no pictures coming

chuckv97 - Posted - 10/22/2021:  12:32:16

This one?….

chuckv97 - Posted - 10/22/2021:  12:35:26

Or this one…..?

dat - Posted - 10/22/2021:  12:38:22

More like the first one, but mine is different, where the green starts on that one at the top, mind is threaded on the top edge of the green part below where the cup screws on

dat - Posted - 10/22/2021:  12:44:34

dat - Posted - 10/22/2021:  12:46:24

Got that picture from the internet, but the threaded part on the top of the green below the cup, was wondering what that is for? Part of manufacturing assembly? Or is there a bigger cup available

5B-Ranch - Posted - 10/22/2021:  14:03:25

I see what you are referring. May be for a larger cup for sharing?

more I look at it the more I come to believe it's there so the shell can be screwed into an extruder machine which the machine expands the body to it's final diameter.  Just my opinion. 


I changed my mind I believe it's to hold the inner liner in the body.

Edited by - 5B-Ranch on 10/22/2021 14:16:08

250gibson - Posted - 10/23/2021:  05:02:43

On older models there was a trim ring that was there, between the cup and thermos. It was threaded so it could be removed for cleaning. Most were lost, or not put back on as it was an un-necessary piece that would hold dirt. I think they stopped putting them on because of this, but the threads were left, either due to the expense of re-tooling and or they held the inside in.

rinemb - Posted - 10/23/2021:  05:59:29

The advent of convenience shops with coffee, AC power on job locations, and microwaves took me out of the thermos need. I had an old back one from my FIL, kids bought me a green one vintage style-new.
I googled Stanley thermos lids, then clicked images and seemed you might be able to track down what you need via the image websites?

I busted many a thermos bottle for soup in lunch boxes. The glass liner could not take my abuse.

1935tb-11 - Posted - 10/23/2021:  08:19:18

i don;t think the lid/cups are available separate to buy ,,,sorry

CW Spook - Posted - 10/23/2021:  17:38:37

I still have an old plaid Thermos picnic set, with two Thermos bottles and a box for snacks that my parents used on family vacations in the 1950s. Each Thermos bottle hadstwo or three nesting cups, but as far as I remember, only the largest screwed onto the top of the bottle.

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