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Gontii - Posted - 09/08/2021:  07:24:21

Hello friends! I haven't been here for a long time ... We play with the boys in my village

rickhayes - Posted - 09/08/2021:  08:22:02

Well-done everybody.

Gontii - Posted - 09/08/2021:  19:35:50

Thank you Rick!

rickhayes - Posted - 09/08/2021:  19:38:36


Gontii - Posted - 09/08/2021:  19:42:20

Ooooh! Where did you learn to speak Russian so well?yeswink

rickhayes - Posted - 09/08/2021:  19:56:07

In college 50 years ago. I don't speak, understand or read fluently but I can have a simple conversation. My wife and I took a long dreamed of trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2019. I tried to type my responses here in Russian but it doesn't seem to work.

You play very well, better than I, and so do your friends.

Gontii - Posted - 09/08/2021:  21:02:33

And I am in English only through a computer program. Of course, I can carry on a simple conversation, but so that fluently - I cannot. No practice - there is no one to exercise with, and I live far away, in Siberia, near Lake Baikal - the city of Irkutsk

rickhayes - Posted - 09/09/2021:  08:46:15

I think your English is probably better than my Russian. I have seen many pictures of the Baikal region. It is beautiful.

clive_jet - Posted - 09/09/2021:  10:13:07

Let her rip boys.
Love it.

Gontii - Posted - 09/09/2021:  19:24:10


_jth - Posted - 09/10/2021:  11:49:48

Bravo! Whenever I try to sing russian my tongue gets tied in a not. You are a really good banjo player. Ty bandjoist dobr? I don't speak russian.

YellowSkyBlueSun - Posted - 09/10/2021:  12:36:31

Great picking! What's the instrument in the middle with 3 strings?

Gontii - Posted - 09/11/2021:  03:59:41


Originally posted by YellowSkyBlueSun

Great picking! What's the instrument in the middle with 3 strings?

This is a Russian folk instrument - balalaika! I put him a piezo for violin.

He also has a volume pedal with an aqualizer (like me) - PREAMP BOOSTER - so that there is a difference in volume - solo and accompaniment

Gontii - Posted - 09/11/2021:  04:06:01


Originally posted by _jth

 Ty bandjoist dobr? I don't speak russian.

I didn't understand the question - bandjoist dobr? Does it have something to do with the instrument of dobro? Or the word - dobr - a synonym for the Russian word - good?smiley

_jth - Posted - 09/11/2021:  08:46:22

?? ????????? ??????

Ty Bandjoist Xorosho,

Nyet "dobr"

I was trying to say you are a good banjo player, but "dobr" actually is similar to the Russian word for "kind" I had seen it in several places but got confused.

Gontii - Posted - 09/11/2021:  08:55:07

Yes, you can get confused in Russian! Good and evil, a good person is an evil person, kindness is a guarantee of health! It's all Dobro!

Edited by - Gontii on 09/11/2021 09:04:38

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