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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Poplar Bluff - CH

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link:

bpeterson11 - Posted - 08/03/2021:  15:08:29

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has tabbed out a clawhammer version of Poplar Bluff? If so, I would love to take a gander at it. Thank you very much in advance. BP

janolov - Posted - 08/04/2021:  09:41:24

David Brooks have posted a tab:

(don't forget to search the BanjoHangout!)



bpeterson11 - Posted - 08/04/2021:  10:41:36

Thanks Janolov, I did search the tab archive before posting and this tab did not come up. Is there a place to search for archived tabs that are no longer in the archive?

dbrooks - Posted - 08/04/2021:  10:58:29

Jan, I thought I might have tabbed that tune, but I couldn't find it. I wasn't looking at tunes by Adam Hurt that I had tabbed. As you know, Adam often has a different take on fiddle tunes, sometimes adding a lot of syncopation. I think that is true of "Poplar Bluff." The tab is difficult to decipher without a recording. Even for me, and I wrote it. Here's a recording on Adam's Bandcamp page:  Poplar Bluff | Adam Hurt (

Adam has tab and a recording on Josh Turknett's site where a full concert with 10 tabs is available.   MODULE: Masters of Clawhammer Banjo, Adam Hurt Edition – The Brainjo Academy These may be free or there may be a cost. His tab is very different from mine, though I think he changed his arrangement as well.

The OP may prefer to have tab for a version that might closer to mainstream, though Adam's tabs are always worth the effort.


dbrooks - Posted - 08/04/2021:  11:00:56

Brian, the Search function (magnifying glass in the left banner) will sometimes find tabs tied to posted messages. Often, though, the tabs are no longer available. Anyway, maybe my previous post will help you.


bpeterson11 - Posted - 08/04/2021:  11:20:26

David, thanks for the information and the search function tip, I appreciate it!!! I'll take a look at both your tab as well as the Josh Turknett site.

As much as I enjoy Adam Hurt's playing, which I do quite a bit, as you mentioned, his takes on some fiddle tunes add a lot of syncopation and overall difficulty, especially for someone like myself that is trying to learn a tune for playing with a couple of like skilled players (intermediate at best) or an open jam session.

I will certainly work with your arrangement, but something a bit more mainstream, as you put it, could be beneficial as well. Anyway, thank you both again for all of the information, it is thoroughly appreciated!!! BP

dbrooks - Posted - 08/04/2021:  18:13:25

Brian, the more I looked at the tab for "Poplar Bluff," the more problems I saw. I have revised it. It still has syncopation and still jumps around the fretboard, but I tried to make the fingering a bit easier. I did look at other versions of "Poplar Bluff," but I found nothing that sounded like a "core version" of the tune.

This tab is based on Adam Hurt's version of "Poplar Bluff" on his Insight CD. "Poplar Bluff" is a wickedly odd tune from Ed Haley. Everyone seems to have their own version. I guess this is mine, based on what I hear in Adam Hurt's wonderful version.

Poplar Bluff Tab - Details and Ratings - Banjo Hangout

See if this version offers any help to you. There is an MP3 file with the tab.


bpeterson11 - Posted - 08/05/2021:  08:06:53

Good morning David, I cannot thank you enough for the time that you put into this request, you have been, and continue to be, a gentleman and a scholar. This is a great tune, you call it wickedly odd, I say it's funky, one in the same. I'm looking forward to diving in, thanks again!!! BP

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