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CGDA - Posted - 06/29/2021:  02:30:48

Once again with my friend Don! (pandemic can't stop musiccheeky)

Gday everybody.

Don & Marco

Edited by - CGDA on 06/29/2021 02:32:25

banjopaolo - Posted - 06/29/2021:  07:55:43

Marco and Don

great to see you both so well and playing so good!

really a pleasure to hear this song...

I remember when I first heard it: it was watching a Woody Allen film with Diane Keaton singing it so sweetly


aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 06/29/2021:  09:15:32

Marco and Don,
Your styles are highly complimentary of one another and I always enjoy the videos. We need music now more than ever. Keep on trucking.

hobogal - Posted - 06/29/2021:  11:21:56

It's brilliant - thanks for posting

guitarbanjoman - Posted - 06/29/2021:  17:25:06

Great work, guys!

CGDA - Posted - 06/30/2021:  01:23:51

Paolo, Mike, Carrie, Will, thank you for your comments! 

raybob - Posted - 06/30/2021:  06:07:15

How nice. Thanks Marco.

CGDA - Posted - 07/01/2021:  02:53:44

Raybob, thank you for your comment!

craig wood - Posted - 07/01/2021:  10:10:18

Such a nice feel! Great playing, Don and Marco.Good video as well.

Omeboy - Posted - 07/01/2021:  11:46:44

Very tasty, boys. A cool treat on a hot day.

CGDA - Posted - 07/01/2021:  14:17:22

Omeboy, thank you for your comment: by the way, a hot day in the States and Europe, a cold day in Australia....please, look how Don is dressed and how I am! wink 

Don Lewers - Posted - 07/01/2021:  21:50:32

I'd like to second Marco's thankyou's to you all, for your feedback, much appeceated!.  It's always a treat to record a video with my swingin' tenor playin' partner!. Here's the music in F, if you need it ......

Edited by - Don Lewers on 07/01/2021 22:05:18

banjopaolo - Posted - 07/02/2021:  08:33:00

Marco and Don this is dedicated to you... hope you enjoy

Don Lewers - Posted - 07/02/2021:  16:40:12

Too right I enjoyed your playing Paolo, a delicate, heartfelt performance ...... good on you!.
With thanks, Don.

CGDA - Posted - 07/04/2021:  12:08:29

Thank you, Paolo! Your version is so romantic and introspective,
as always. Is your banjo a tenor or a plectrum?

banjopaolo - Posted - 07/04/2021:  13:27:07

Hi Marco, I'm happy you like my song...
I'm playing my scorpion tenor here, crafted by our common friend Silvio
btw It's nice to see you with your old Framus: you have so many great banjos but that simple Framus has its sound! I've always said that banjoist's hands are more important than banjo models... and your hands are the hands of huge talent!

CGDA - Posted - 07/05/2021:  12:20:42

Paolo, thank you for your nice words. I'm a bit curious about your openback banjo: please, could you send me some pictures of the rim, outside and inside?. Thank you!

Edited by - CGDA on 07/05/2021 12:29:44

banjopaolo - Posted - 07/06/2021:  06:13:01

The open back banjos Silvio made for me (I have two one 5 str one tenor) have both a Tony Pass integral tone rim (no Metall tone ring but all wood)
That’s beacause of that mellow woody tone...

banjopaolo - Posted - 07/06/2021:  06:16:53

Compass56 - Posted - 07/15/2021:  11:08:29

I just tried to post, and (I think) I blew it. If my first post shows up, I apologize.

I’ve really enjoy this thread. Sincere thanks to everyone who contributed.

Here’s Eddy and I doing “It Had to Be You” right before we went out to see some music performed. As I got up to walk out the door, Eddy said, “Sit down Tony. Let’s do a video.” ‘Great memories.

Don Lewers - Posted - 07/15/2021:  21:11:50

A precious moment in time Tony, you and Sir Eddy look so happy playin' your music ..... memories are made of this stuff. ...... Don.   laugh

Compass56 - Posted - 07/19/2021:  07:15:58

Thanks Don. That was a special night.

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