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Orlyg1521 - Posted - 05/15/2021:  20:49:22

Hoping to identify this banjo. Brand. Model. Value.

Edited by - Orlyg1521 on 05/15/2021 21:37:41

Alvin Conder - Posted - 05/16/2021:  05:39:04

Please post better photos of the instrument.

Close ups of the pot (round part) front and back will help. Also of the back of the neck.

I’m thinking Stewart McDonald kit banjo, nicely put together, but I may be wrong on this as I recall seeing a similar banjo years ago, if not the same banjo and it was not a kit instrument.

The case it’s in is interesting, looks pre war. Take a photo or two of that, mainly a close up of one of the case latches. If it’s what I think it is, the case may be pretty valuable also.

Looks like a very nice instrument.

Bob Smakula - Posted - 05/16/2021:  07:52:17


Originally posted by Orlyg1521

Hoping to identify this banjo. Brand. Model. Value.

As Alvin mentioned, Post more pictures. 

Here is what we need to help ID. Take the banjo out of the case. Take a full front & full back Closeup of peghead front and back. close up of the neck heel from the side. Remove the resonator and take some pictures of the inside.

That will provide quality information for a good ID.


Bob Smakula

Orlyg1521 - Posted - 05/16/2021:  08:04:39

That's why I came onto the form. I appreciate the help. Hopefully somebody can ID this. Hopefully a new pictures help with that.

Culloden - Posted - 05/16/2021:  09:22:56

From what I can see clearly it looks like a Stewart MacDonald kit. That peghead shape was available from StewMac in the '70's. The Waverly tailpiece, the smooth hole resonator flange, and the aluminum rim with the archtop tone ring without rim rods were used extensively by StewMac on their banjo kits during the same time frame. They also sold the same inlays that are on this banjo back then.

J.Albert - Posted - 05/16/2021:  10:37:04

Most likely a Stew-Mac kit banjo.

Although I believe that for a short time, they sold some banjos that were "complete and ready to go" (essentially the kit banjos, pre-assembled).

Looks to be in good shape. I'd examine the overall finish and fit of the parts together. Make sure it's playable and sounds to your liking...

mike gregory - Posted - 05/16/2021:  11:04:53

Value is an elusive butterfly.
YOU may love your banjo, but if it goes up for sale, you may be shocked to discover that some folks think you have an ugly baby.

I recall an instance where somebody built a banjo, joined the HangOut, asked for honest opinions, and reacted almost VIOLENTLY to being told what the most obvious beginner mistakes ( which he had made), were.

He posted some insults about various of us, and went away mad.

Orlyg1521 - Posted - 05/16/2021:  12:15:19

Thanks for the info

Culloden - Posted - 05/16/2021:  18:07:07

Stewart MacDonald kit banjos may not be worth a lot in monetary value but they can be some great players if properly built. I have a banjo that is essentially a StewMac kit(although I bought the parts piece by piece). It won't win any beauty contests and it may not have the best sound of any banjo I have but it is the easiest playing banjo I own. People have scoffed at it when they saw it, and then tried to buy it after they played it.

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