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banjerbailey - Posted - 05/14/2021:  13:12:07

Does anyone recognize this banjo -- no name apparent! Also, has anyone heard of a Lincoln banjo? If so, what's the scoop?

banjerbailey - Posted - 05/14/2021:  13:16:46

I cannot tell if photos loaded. Here is .pdf, maybe. . . . Same question: Can you identify this banjo.

banjonz - Posted - 05/14/2021:  13:24:53

Asian made. I have seen many like this with various names (Kasuga, Aria etc). In fact if a distributor/marketer makes a large order from the factory producing them, they can have whatever name they want on it.

RioStat - Posted - 05/14/2021:  13:31:25

Basically what Wayne said.....but should be in past tense.

Kasuga ( a Japanese company) used to build these, they put various names on the headstock (Epiphone, Alvarez, Ventura, Kasuga, Aria) back in the mid 1970's til very early 80's

Decent little banjos when set-up correctly...a lot of Bluegrassers started off on these back in the '70-80's

banjerbailey - Posted - 05/14/2021:  13:50:35

Thanks for quick reply. It was fun looking for Kasuga banjos on Internet. Looks like they made quite a variety including gold plated! Next question is, how would value of the banjo in the previous post compare with the value of the Lincoln banjo in this attachment? Just from the looks of things, I'd say they have the wrong banjo in the plush-lined case. . . .

By the way, both of these banjos are at auction, The last thing I need is another banjo -- well, not THE last thing, but I don't need another. It might be interesting to see what they sell for.

The Kasuga is supposedly signed by Earl Scruggs in March, 1972.

Hope I'm not breaking Hangout rules by referencing an auction!?

beegee - Posted - 05/14/2021:  14:06:17

The Kasuga is a better banjo that the Lincoln. I have bought several Kasugas and have never paid over $200 for one. The Lincoln is not much of a banjo. $75-100 max.

The Kasuga will likely have a pot-metal tone ring mounted on a crude multi-ply rim, thick neck. poly finish. The inlays on the peghead and resonator are thin overlays applied in the finish.

You will find these labeled Ventura, Alvarez, Kasuga, Orpheum, Conrad, and maybe several more.

Edited by - beegee on 05/14/2021 14:09:07

struggle_bus - Posted - 05/14/2021:  18:17:53

Was Kasuga the only company to use that style of inlay on the back of the resonator and that peghead shape?

PrairieSchooner - Posted - 05/17/2021:  07:37:07

I had an Alvarez banjo with that same peghead shape. Decent banjo.  The Lincoln won't be close too the same quality. 

Edited by - PrairieSchooner on 05/17/2021 07:38:25

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