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Tim in Alaska - Posted - 05/08/2021:  13:32:05

Hello folks ... wouild anyone be able to tell me the maker and aproximately how old this pot is ... there are no markings anywhere but on the tail piece which shows...Grover Patent. Thank you for any help you can give me Tim


mike gregory - Posted - 05/08/2021:  13:43:58

Sorry not to be of any real help, but Grover tailpieces were put on many different banjos.

WILD guess: 1920 or 30.

SILLY guess:

"I may have patented the tailpiece, but I don't remember making that pot!"


Nic Pennsylvania - Posted - 05/08/2021:  17:05:24

That's not a lot to go on, but I have a thirty shoe pot made by Lyon & Healy, circa 1910. The wood on the inside of the pot is black and that appears to original. Like this, it has the old hex shoes. I can't see the nuts too well in your photo to say if they are similar.

Tim in Alaska - Posted - 05/08/2021:  21:14:48

thanks to both you and nick for replying...Mike you have a great sense of humor.....for some reason my computer is allowing me to only upload one picture at a Time.....I am attaching a photo of the neck that came with it although looks as if someone used a different lower portion of the neck as there is 1/4 inch gap using this one although it is glued in. Does this help at all thank you again Tim

Tim in Alaska - Posted - 05/08/2021:  21:16:28

forgot to mention on the head stock there is a small three dimensional gold stag deer and on the side of the lower neck on each side there is a large silver star. Tim

jun3machina - Posted - 05/08/2021:  22:50:52

I dont have any guesses but the tiny inlay on either side of the fingerboard is beautiful. Maybe you can also add a picture of the headstock.

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 05/09/2021:  04:48:56

A close-up picture of the headstock would help, as well as more shots of the neck front, back,and sides. A photo of the lower portion that you mention would also be good; this could be a repair to the fretboard and not the entire neck (your description isn't quite clear).

I doubt this is a high-end banjo neck because it appears to have been held to the pot with a wooden wedge through that slot in the dowelstick instead of being held with a more elaborate bit of hardware. I also suspect that the stag and stars were probably added by an owner, and were not original to this neck.

maneckep - Posted - 05/09/2021:  05:08:52

Pot looks very similar to an old Supertone that I once owned.

Culloden - Posted - 05/09/2021:  08:39:46

I was thinking that the pot has a certain Supertone vibe as well. That doesn't really help you ID the maker, though, because Supertone was a store brand that was made by several different companies.

banjonz - Posted - 05/09/2021:  12:41:57


Originally posted by jun3machina

I dont have any guesses but the tiny inlay on either side of the fingerboard is beautiful. Maybe you can also add a picture of the headstock.

I don't think they are inlays. I suspect they are paint, but without close up photos it is difficult to say. I have seen some fretboards with similar adornments.

Tim in Alaska - Posted - 05/09/2021:  18:18:04

Thanks fellas for taking time to reply on this to reply and give me your input... im just an old 75 year old guy that clawhammers, not very well on a gold tone 100... thought it would be interesting to get this one playing if I could.. it has 38 hold downs on it. I was just curious as to the make.....I am just positive the neck is not the original and not much of a neck either...

could you tell me ... in measuring the pot .. to to bottom is 10.25 inches side to side 10.5. The metal ring holding the drum on is .5 inches. Is the drum am going to need a 10.5 inch with a high dome ? any suggestions for one that would give a good banjoie sound.

if I must replace the neck where would be the best place to look and for what type of replacement... best to you Tim

GranaryTreeMusic - Posted - 05/11/2021:  11:08:09

Hi Tim, congrats on your banjo! I’m not an expert and I can’t help you with an ID of anything, but I’m pretty sure this neck was someone’s arts and crafts project. You might be much happier if you CAREFULLY scrape away that paint or whatever it is. Looks like there’s some nice wood under there, this whole thing just needs a lot of TLC.

Your head measurements are probably correct, it sounds like the pot is out of round and won’t be able to accept a synthetic head at all. You’ll need to put a calfskin on it. You’ll want to use nylgut strings as well—steel strings are likely to do damage long term.

Get a new head on it and clean it up and enjoy! It won’t sound anything like your Gold Tone but it might be a fun little picker. Hope it works out for you and best of luck!

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