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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Orpheum Serial Numbers

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beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  10:00:58

I have been remiss in posting the BHO Orpheum Serial Number List that we've been adding to for these many years. So here goes the list in the BHO Ark 3 by 3. Patience is required to find where your serial number fits in this chronology.
I shall start with our hypothetical serial number date chart that is based on the serial numbers that have been collected from BHO members and elsewhere.

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  10:03:20

Pages 1-3

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  10:05:10

Pages 4-6

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  10:09:13

Pages 7-9

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  10:22:27

Pg 10 plus the last Orpheum advertisement I can find in the trade magazines. This one from Music Trade Review April 1929.
Also, would like to say that evidence indicates that Lange discontinued the Orpheum banjo in late 1928 or early 1929. In the latter half of 1928 and into 1929 Lange was concentrating on his newly devised Super-Paramount banjo line (the wedding cake banjos) and bringing them to market. By this point Lange was sort of competing with himself what with the Paramount No. 1 priced at just $100 while the Super Orpheum with resonator was $135.

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  10:38:53

Oops pg 9 - 11

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  10:42:59

Pg 12 - 14

Edited by - beezaboy on 05/07/2021 10:44:33

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  10:45:48

pg 12

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  10:49:45

Well, all the pages of the list are posted.
As you can see I couldn't keep the darn things straight.
Too much typing and clicking for this boy.

blazo - Posted - 05/07/2021:  13:19:24


Originally posted by beezaboy

Hi John,

A couple of updates for your list. I used to have 11046 but no longer do. It was traded to Amazing Grace music store. Also, I now have 14318, #3 Special, 5-string, slight extended fingerboard, no R&L tag (no holes in the rim either), Bruno tag on the dowel stick.

Edited by - blazo on 05/07/2021 13:21:18

banjotrader - Posted - 05/07/2021:  15:43:58

John - are there no solid points of reference to zero in on any dates?

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  16:35:35

Blazo - Thanks for your inquiry. I really prefer to include Orpheum banjos with maker's rim tag as that has been our theory from the beginning.

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  16:38:20

Peter - We don't have any dated receipts or things like that. The methodology for the hypothetical date chart is explained at the top of the chart. Purely benchmarks.

banjotrader - Posted - 05/07/2021:  16:51:35

My apologies, I didn't think to look in the image for textual content. John, given you have hard lines with dates and presumably first SNs, Im I fair to assume you would regressed the datapoints into a model with an underlying curve. I find it easier to model the gains rather than the net/cumulative sum.

beezaboy - Posted - 05/07/2021:  19:53:57

Yes. I modeled a curve like was done with the Bacon banjos but not so drastic. My theory was that in the teens the 5-string declined and the tenor banjo increased with the increase in social dancing and dance bands as the 20's approached and into the 20's. I don't know that anyone has factored in the popularity of dancing and the accelerating number of dance bands from mid teens into the later 1920's. The popularity of the tenor banjo was driven by their inclusion in dance bands. At the same time in the 20's the radio came into its own and dance bands were suddenly on the air as well as in the dance halls. One editorial writer wrote that if you went out dancing you heard the tenor banjo.

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