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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Sound issue after uploading to Youtube

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blazo - Posted - 04/05/2021:  17:54:18

I recorded a tune/video today with my generic computer webcam/mic. Ran it through my video editor (again, generic windows Video Editor app) just to trim it. Uploaded it to Youtube. It sounds OK on my computer, about what I expect for generic equipment. When I listen to it via Youtube in my web browser, the audio gets a kind of a ticking/clicking sound about every second or so. I also listened to it on myh phone and get the same issue. Anybody know what is going on or have any suggestions? I have good internet speed and this doesn't happen with other videos.

Edited by - blazo on 04/05/2021 17:54:56

KCJones - Posted - 04/05/2021:  19:05:51

Did you upload to YouTube in 1080p/4k? If you don't upload in HD it will compress the audio a lot.

blazo - Posted - 04/05/2021:  19:59:55

I checked the video quality recorded by the Camera app (windows 10). It shows 1080p 16:9 30fps. That is the highest quality available in the drop down list. Not sure about the 4k part and I don't know how to check for that.

I did try different playback settings on youtube to no avail.

blazo - Posted - 04/05/2021:  20:31:29

I think the problem is with the windows app. I downloaded a different video editor and it has the same audio problem. Must be the compression within the app.

mikehalloran - Posted - 04/06/2021:  23:34:20

Even in 4K HD, audio gets compressed. The trick is to anticipate that with heavy compression. If you can get good sound—and with practice, you will—it should be ok after you upload.

woliam - Posted - 04/08/2021:  07:42:35

Youtube has got this problem for last 5 years. My sound producer always fix it, i do not know how. He can help you I guess. He is a professional with perfect cv, He made it here TopCvServices . This is the best cv writing service uk

banjoak - Posted - 04/08/2021:  14:31:36

Could be it has to less to do with the video; just the audio component or file.

Clicks often come from xruns or dropouts... from slight out of sync from converting, resampling; audio codec or sample rates mismatches. Good place to start is from the video editing program. By opening it in that app, and then saving/exporting; it likely changed the original file format/sampling/codec. While converted format still works local machine to play; not for the content provider; which has to take it and convert it again for it's format in web browsers. Should see options/settings in video editing program, audio settings, and how to set exporting; especially the audio codec (ogg, flac) and find one that works better.

Edited by - banjoak on 04/08/2021 14:34:09

blazo - Posted - 04/08/2021:  17:09:19

The issue is definitely with the Microsoft Video Recorder app and the options for that are extremely limited. I downloaded a different video editing app, recorded a new video and had no issues. Thanks for the replies.

mikehalloran - Posted - 04/08/2021:  22:06:06

For a great cross-platform video editing app, I'm partial to Adobe Premiere Elements. $74.99 or $99.99 bundled with Photoshop Elements. Quick, easy and great results.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Edited by - mikehalloran on 04/08/2021 22:08:02

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