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britcarfan - Posted - 03/24/2021:  06:08:30

Does this look worth pursuing?

It isn't very close to me so I'd need to ship it and couldn't look at it before purchase. 

Edited by - britcarfan on 03/24/2021 06:11:29

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 03/24/2021:  06:24:42

I see some issues with this banjo. The major one is that it appears to have a twist in the neck, although that could be the photo. I also don't like the hole in the neck heel; it may be a sign of a repair. There are also a few replaced hooks/nuts.

It may be worth taking a look at this if it's nearby, but I wouldn't buy it based only on the pictures.

britcarfan - Posted - 03/24/2021:  06:38:41

That’s the problem. It’s probably about a 10 hour round trip from me. Think I’ll just save my money. Thanks George for replying. I know people on this forum are more knowledgeable than me. That’s why I’m always asking about these old banjos when I find one.

BobbyE - Posted - 03/24/2021:  09:12:55

The 5th string tuning peg looks skewed too.


Bill Rogers - Posted - 03/24/2021:  09:25:56

Why would you want it? Even assuming it’s okay, this is an inexpensive, generic spunover banjo of no particular intriguing character. I wouldn’t waste time investigating it.

cevant - Posted - 03/24/2021:  09:53:04

The last one of these that I bought I paid $79 for, and it wasn't worked on by beavers.

Dan Gellert - Posted - 03/24/2021:  11:42:49

$250 "firm" + shipping? no way. If I had a chance to actually play it, it's possible I'd think it was worth the price. From what I see, though, I'd say that possibility is very small. I don't think I'd bother to drive across town to see it, much less pay to have it shipped anywhere.

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