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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Static noise - stops when I touch the jack

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McNeato - Posted - 03/23/2021:  23:53:45


I have a Dean Guitars Backwoods 2 pro banjo, and I'm very happy with the feel of it.
It comes with a DMT Design Humbucker installed from factory.

I recently discovered that it has some static or hum, when plugged into an interface or amp. But the static stops when I touch the jack cable near the input of the banjo.
Why - and what is this?
And how can I eliminate this issue?

Thanks in advance!
Mikkel :)

Nic Pennsylvania - Posted - 03/24/2021:  03:39:01

This looks to be a classic ground issue. If you're familiar with electronics and soldering, it is simple enough to resolve. Look around for how to resolve ground issues.

35planar - Posted - 03/24/2021:  03:51:26

What Nic said...probably a bad solder joint, usually an easy fix.

LukeL - Posted - 03/24/2021:  05:43:12

It does sound like a ground issue. I’ve had to fix that a couple times on electric bases. Make sure the power cord for your amp is grounded as well as the receptacle it’s plugged into too.

250gibson - Posted - 03/24/2021:  08:43:17

Like everyone said it is a ground issue. It may be in a couple places, I would check the following in the following order to find the problem.

Outlet/circuit = check another circuit and or outlet

Cord = try a different one

Jack solder joint ground (sleeve)

The other end of the ground from the sleeve, not sure where ground would be on your setup. 

Edited by - 250gibson on 03/24/2021 08:44:57

McNeato - Posted - 03/24/2021:  10:18:44

Awesome, thank you gentlemen. I'll give it a shot :)

123412412341234 - Posted - 04/13/2021:  11:30:48

Make sure the signal chain has just one ground point, and that it is actually grounded.
Ground loops can pop up in poorly or outdated home wiring too.

And sometimes the resolution is lifting the ground.

And sometimes the 60/120hz hum is spilling over into sensitive pickups from lighting and power supplies,
masquerading as a ground issue.

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