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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Most compact/light-weight amplification for small venues/voice and banjo

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banjered - Posted - 03/06/2021:  11:13:23

Brands, where to buy recommendations. Small venues like a cafe. Preserves the natural sound of banjo and voice, minimal distortion. Solo or duo performer. Thanks! banjered

SimonSlick - Posted - 03/06/2021:  11:43:46

Roland Street Cube   I have used these for small one or two performer events at small or quiet venues. They will function on batteries (6 AA) as well.


sdfarris - Posted - 03/06/2021:  11:58:58

I have an LD Systems Maui 11 which is one of those all-in-one column designs. Similar to the Bose or Fishman concept but more affordable. It sounds fantastic and is dead simple to set up. I've had it cranked up all the way and there is absolutely no distortion or breakup in the sound, and with 1000 watts it's plenty loud. The coverage field is pretty wide and there's anti-feedback tech built in, so you can hear yourself clearly with no monitors in a small to medium venue.

I bought a floor model directly from the vendor at a NAMM show but you can get them several places on line.

LD Maui 11 at Musicians Friend

Foote - Posted - 03/06/2021:  12:22:00

I've heard the LD system and they sound great. I have a Peavey Escort 3000 with 300 watts. It's a nice unit that works fine for small jobs with a trio. And it a few hundred dollars less than the LD. Has lasted over the years with no problems.

KCJones - Posted - 03/06/2021:  13:20:56

I like my Fishman Loudbox. There's a few sizes to choose from, the biggest models have 2 channels, built in preamp with effects. I have the Artist model. It's all I need for banjo+vocal and it'll fill a pub/coffeshop with sound. I've also used it to run a Mandolin and banjo at the same time when my buddy forgot his amp.

I do not like the Fender Acoustisonic. Just disappointing all around. 

Edited by - KCJones on 03/06/2021 13:21:37

pasdimo - Posted - 03/06/2021:  13:48:29

AER compact 60, Schertler jam 150 or its clones Acousstic solutions by Godin and Acus

paxflyer - Posted - 03/10/2021:  21:17:02

I've been using my JBL Compact One with good success. Its battery powered which is a game changer, has phantom power, and two XLR preamps. We've been playing in the hangar with good success. Once all vaccinated, we intend to start gigging.[0]=AZUtWerRgcWVvX6YPrj4I-VFvQWE78ZPyZoAT6KW2DYlJvcjOFCmYYEAmmoxM8n6tfpL7cAXnY5eSERjsXgvNBRBjxlzthteaDpZLii_iQ0qV6locUgrVr01LJ7r707mbdPyss4XXCXcte6D6HYcxooh&__tn__=-UK-R]-R

DC5 - Posted - 03/11/2021:  05:52:04

I second the Fishman Loudbox.  When I bought it and started using it it began to buz after 30 minutes.  Would work fine again when cooled, but then failed after 30 min.  I called the company and we talked over several options, since they are located only about 50 miles away I actually arranged for the support person to meet me at a midway point and he swapped my unit for a brand new unit.  The amp works great, and IMO, you cannot beat their customer service.

Edited by - DC5 on 03/11/2021 05:54:10

mikehalloran - Posted - 04/07/2021:  00:09:26

I have the JBL EON206P and really like it. Fills a small venue or large back yard.

The 206 has apparently been discontinued and replaced by the EON208P — double the inputs and mic pres, larger speakers 38Lb instead of 26Lb for what I have. Same price.


Used 206Ps are available on Reverb etc. Here's what I have


Edited by - mikehalloran on 04/07/2021 00:12:54

Ed Banjer - Posted - 04/25/2021:  15:37:58

I recently bought a discontinued amp, a Crate CA 60D, off the local Craigslist. Works great with my clawhammer hack banjo playing and has a second channel for vocals. That's 30 watts for instrument and 30 watts for vocals. The amp is loud and should work nicely in a coffee shop type venue.

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