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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Midwest Banjo Camp 2021

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malarz - Posted - 02/07/2021:  10:17:26

The camp will be online this year. For tenor banjo players this means you/we can stay home but still spend all day Saturday with Don Vappie.


Old Hickory - Posted - 02/07/2021:  10:27:24

Bluegrasser here. I was looking forward to my first MWBC last year. Had all my sessions planned from the day I registered. Was going to combine it with a visit to my wife's college roommate way up north and a day or two in Detroit. Oh, well.

I like online lessons and lectures, both live and canned, but not sure I can do a whole day. Then, again, if my granddaughter can do 3-1/2 hours of Zoom kindergarten . . .

hobogal - Posted - 02/07/2021:  11:56:34

Thank you for posting Ken - what an amazing line-up of instructors! I could join from little old England!

hobogal - Posted - 02/11/2021:  13:04:59

I've signed-up for the Don Vappie day in June - something to look forward to :)

malarz - Posted - 02/11/2021:  13:44:15

See you there!


Ryk - Posted - 02/12/2021:  02:40:02

Don won't be available and they're working on a replacement.

malarz - Posted - 02/12/2021:  03:54:15

ouch! I was looking forward finally to a few workshops with him.

hobogal - Posted - 02/12/2021:  04:43:35

The website still has Don Vappie as the instructor for the June Camp. That will be really disappointing if its not the case. Bummer.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 02/12/2021:  05:59:56

Are the powers that be taking suggestions? I can think of two, Tyler Jackson and SunnylandBob . Both are not only highly skilled at solo or ensemble settings but excellent communicators/teachers. Oh and Buddy Watcher. I think I’ll sign up

rockyjo - Posted - 02/15/2021:  11:48:16

Yes, I also heard, from MBF staff, that Don Vappie has declined for this year. And yes, he's still listed on the website..

'Hoping for Buddy Wachter! He's taught there before; anyone who attended that year, did he teach tenor or plectrum?


Ryk - Posted - 02/15/2021:  14:35:15

Great question Rockyjo. I've left my plectrum in its case and concentrated on tenor since i knew Don was going to be there. If the focus is going to change ... i'll have to as well.

Ryk - Posted - 02/19/2021:  15:18:29

Mid West just put up that Johnny Baier will be covering the 4-string program this year.

Ryk - Posted - 02/20/2021:  02:03:14

The class offerings are up on the site and they look great to me.

hobogal - Posted - 02/21/2021:  01:41:04

Ryk Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to it.

rockyjo - Posted - 02/21/2021:  18:37:39

Thanks for letting us know, Ryk. Johnny should be great!


guitarbanjoman - Posted - 02/22/2021:  12:11:14

Johnny and Buddy Wachter are frequent musical partners, so let’s hope Buddy will get on board, too..

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