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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: easiest way to connect a volume pedal?

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maxmax - Posted - 02/02/2021:  06:39:17


I literally no nothing about electric instruments or amplifiers, so the very in-depth signal path explanations on the Internet is causing me more confusion than clarity. blush

I've been having a blast learning to play lap steel and I recently splurged on a Yamaha THR30ii modeling combo amp. I can get a ton of different sounds out of this and have no desire to get any other effects at the moment, but I would like to get a volume pedal. I use the volume knob on my lap steel for swells right now which works OK, but figure a pedal would be easier.

What I'm trying to figure out is, what is the absolute easiest way for me to connect a volume pedal so it functions just like the volume knob on my lap steel? My little amp does not have an effects loop, but does have an L and R line out in the back and an AUX on top, if that matters. But could I simply connect my guitar directly to the volume pedal and the volume pedal directly to the input jack of the amp using normal instrument cables, or would things explode if I did that? Do I need to get anything else apart from the actual volume pedal?

And in keeping with simplicity and mobility, I'm thinking a passive volume pedal would be a good choice for lap steel, right? 

If anyone here has the time and patience to try to explain this to me as if I were a child, I would be greatly appreciative!


Edited by - Texasbanjo on 02/02/2021 08:18:42

Tractor1 - Posted - 02/02/2021:  07:19:31

99% of volume pedals are for plugging a guitar(electric)into them and straight to the amp. Effects loops are a bit higher called line level . As far as--" either or"---these will interchange ,but not too well. They won't blow up ,but turn them on with everything set to zero and ease your knob up with your foot down. Assuming your guitar's pick ups are about the same as a regular electric ,a normal volume pedal should do fine. Actually finding and using a volume pedal for a line level effects loop is more trouble.

Culloden - Posted - 02/02/2021:  09:36:27

Max. I also play lap steel. Use the regular cables you always use. Plug the guitar into the pedal, then plug the pedal into the amp. I use a guitar effects processor the same way. There is no danger of anything blowing up. I think Tom has the right idea about starting with the volume turned down and opening it up.

maxmax - Posted - 02/02/2021:  10:49:21

OK great, thanks a lot guys!

gtani7 - Posted - 02/22/2021:  09:49:34

I connect:

pedal steel > Sarno black box > volume pedal > tuner on true bypass> amp head.

I think how pedal steel players connect everything before the amp depends on whether it's a pot or optical/electronic pedal, I have a couple of each, more than a couple actually...

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