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CGDA - Posted - 01/29/2021:  05:29:45

I've found out again this recording I did some time ago and rejected at the time, as looking not good. Excluding the bad end, It seems not too bad now. You can listen here to three banjos and one guitar in a multi-track job. I heard first "Martinique" in 1958: it was a number introduced by DJ Willis Conover while conducting his legendary radio program "Time for Jazz", on air from "The Voice Of America". This tune was composed by the trombonist Wilbur de Paris and played by his band. It was, probably, the first time I heard an example of the genuine NOLA music.

The original, wonderful version is easily available on YouTube: Wilbur and his musicians were really at the top!

Thank you.



Rob MacKillop - Posted - 01/29/2021:  11:13:57

Nothing wrong with that at all, Marco! Very pleasant.

CGDA - Posted - 01/29/2021:  12:44:49

Thank you Rob!

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 01/29/2021:  13:58:35

Cool Marco! Not familiar with this tune.
Could you explain your recording set up one more time for me please. I need to do some recording but quite frankly I'm quite intimidated. Do you use a click track? What software or hardware is required? I'm not sure where to start. I'm very much a Luddite.

malarz - Posted - 01/29/2021:  14:14:02

Nice tune. Thanks.

Don Lewers - Posted - 01/29/2021:  21:59:09

Really enjoyed that'n Marco, so much similar to the wonderful clean cut playin,' of Harry Reeser. ..... Don.

CGDA - Posted - 01/30/2021:  03:05:47

Hi Mike!  I always record my music on a six-track digital recorder. In this case I first recorded the original de Paris' version on the first track of my digital recorder, from YouTube . I did so cause I wanted to respect the exact beat of that band. Then, while listening to the first track on my headphones, I played and recorded the first banjo part (melody) on the second track. The same way I added the second, the third banjo and the guitar part on the other tracks . Afterwards I transferred to my pc all those tracks, excluding the de Paris' one. When those four audio tracks were in my pc, I mixed them with a software called "NERO": no synchro has been needed, as everything was already synchronized on the audio recorder. At that point, I did all the editing job I wanted... volume, tone, reverberation etc. When I recorded the music, I simultaneously recorded also a video (with a videocam), then I replaced the audio from the cam (of bad quality) with the audio from the audio recorder (of good quality), everything done with "NERO". That's all, and tx for your comment!

I'm not very familiar with the English language, so if you can't understand something, please, feel free to ask.


CGDA - Posted - 01/30/2021:  03:07:28

Malarz and Don, thank you very much for appreciating!

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 01/30/2021:  05:36:12


Marco, did you use the same approach on Sweet Georgia Brown? Did you have a prerecorded version you were listening to?

banjopaolo - Posted - 01/30/2021:  10:29:14

great tune my friend and well played!
and it is nice to see all your beautiful instruments....

CGDA - Posted - 01/30/2021:  12:15:55


Originally posted by aintbrokejustbadlybent


Marco, did you use the same approach on Sweet Georgia Brown? Did you have a prerecorded version you were listening to?

Mike, I didn't use the same approach on SGB: I used a digital backing track (piano, bass, drums) with no melody.

CGDA - Posted - 01/30/2021:  12:19:46


Originally posted by banjopaolo

great tune my friend and well played!

and it is nice to see all your beautiful instruments....

Thank you Paolo! They aren't all my instruments, bur only some of them.

SunnylandBob - Posted - 01/30/2021:  17:43:41

Fantastic as always, Marco! I have loved this tune for years since hearing the deParis Brothers recordings - and you captured that trad rhythmic feel with the "Spanish tinge" that Jelly Roll Morton talked about...Great stuff!!

PS - I also appreciated the very clear & thorough description of your recording process.

CGDA - Posted - 01/31/2021:  02:51:00

Bob Barta, thank you for your comment!

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