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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: I would like to request a song tab (this is my first post)

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Sketti - Posted - 01/29/2021:  02:38:31

this is my first post I would really like a song tab for the guitar on banjo if its not a hassle to any one I'm not very skilled in the banjo but I am making it a goal to learn this song on the banjo if someone knows how to translate guitar tabs to banjo it would be greatly appreciated if you did I'm currently unable to post links this is actually the second time I'm writing this but the tab is named beneath the mask from persona 5 it can be found on gametabs,net or ultimateguitar,com note: the one on gametabs,net is misnamed behind the mask but its the same song the one on game tabs is also simpler than the one on ultimateguitar,com remember dont do this if its at all a hassle to you

janolov - Posted - 01/29/2021:  03:09:58

I looked at the tab here ( and I have two suggestions if you want to play it:

  1. Tune up your first string to E, that tuning gDGBD is often called Chicago tuning and  the the four stringss are tuned exactly as guitar. In the tab above there seems to be no notes on 5th and 6 th strings on guitar, so you can play the the guitar tab on the banjo.

  2. If you remain in standard tuning (gDGBD) you can play all notes on 4th, 3rd, and 2nd string as the guitar tab, but on the first strings notes you shall play two frets higher than in the guitar tab. For example there is in the middle of the tab a 6 and 5 on the first string. Play them as 8 and 7 instead (the notes are in both cases Bb and A)


Sketti - Posted - 01/29/2021:  03:21:05

thank for helping me, I'm sorry if I wasted your time

Sketti - Posted - 01/29/2021:  03:21:59

do you know how I can take down the forum

Texasbanjo - Posted - 01/29/2021:  04:34:36

You can't delete/edit posts. As the OP (original poster), you can edit the subject line. Other than that, after 15 minutes, you can't edit anything.

Nothing wrong with your request. Now that an URL to the song has been posted, maybe someone will either have a tab or might even post one for you. Give it a little time and see if someone reads and replies.

RioStat - Posted - 01/29/2021:  05:32:35

Welcome to the BanjoHangout.......quit apologizing ! smiley

Sketti - Posted - 01/29/2021:  05:55:19

Thank you for being so welcoming usually when i think of the word forum i think of trolls but this was beyond my expectation

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 01/29/2021:  06:30:23


Here's the chords, the scale and the first two measures of the melody to get you started.

Edited by - mmuussiiccaall on 01/29/2021 06:30:55

Sketti - Posted - 01/29/2021:  08:19:26


Sketti - Posted - 01/30/2021:  00:32:03

Im going to make this a tab

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