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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Bluetooth Earbud Recomendation

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pickn5 - Posted - 01/22/2021:  06:43:35

I would like to try Bluetooth earbuds with my laptop computer that operates on Windows 10. The only requirements would be decent sound quality and be able to hear my banjo when playing along with lesson and backing tracks. All suggestions appreciated.

banjered - Posted - 01/22/2021:  07:19:57

Why would you put unhealthy microwave radiation directly into your head? You should examine the science as well as understand how profit-driven corporate propaganda has subverted health concerns. banjered

KCJones - Posted - 01/22/2021:  07:29:56

I had Bose Sport earbuds, my wife uses Jabra elite 65t. They both work well enough, but I'm not an audiophile or anything. If I had to pick between the two I'd probably pick the cheaper one, which is the Jabra.

You probably don't want the noise cancelling ones.

As far as microwaves... unless you live in the woods with no communications devices or electricity, you've already got lots of microwave radiation going through you. 

Edited by - KCJones on 01/22/2021 07:30:44

sdfarris - Posted - 01/22/2021:  08:30:54

Anker Soundcore Life P2. Comfortable, long lasting battery, great sound, affordable. I went through 3 other models before finding this one, and it's by far the best. $50 fom Amazon. You can use just the right one and hear your banjo with your left ear.

Anker from Amazon

loonsailor - Posted - 01/22/2021:  10:16:32

Earbuds will all, to a lesser or greater extent, block the tone of your banjo. You definitely don't want noise cancelling, though all noise cancelling devices allow you to turn it off. To really hear the banjo tone unchanged, you would be better off with open-back headphones.  I'm not sure if there are any open back bluetooth ones available.

Gar - Posted - 01/22/2021:  10:18:35

I have Apple Air Pods and like them a lot. They're a a little pricey though

pickn5 - Posted - 01/23/2021:  05:00:41

Thank you all for the suggestions. I was using cheap wired earbuds with an extension. The plug ends wore out and I was thinking of going wireless. I'll stick to wired for now as I need wired for my Walkman MP3 player also. Maybe I'll get both.

banjered in this day and age I'm probably as fried as I can get. ??

Edited by - pickn5 on 01/23/2021 05:05:25

TracerBullet - Posted - 01/23/2021:  09:00:24

I am somewhat of an audiophile.

Everyone's ears are different. I have friends that love their Apple products. I think they are the worst sounding thinks on the market.

Bose makes some really good earbuds for the money. I have two different pairs that I run with.

If you truly want audiophile sound then look at Shure products. They are in a league of their own

Edited by - TracerBullet on 01/23/2021 09:02:25

mikehalloran - Posted - 01/23/2021:  09:02:30

You haven't told us enough for anyone to answer your question. Are trying to hear yourself playing along with backing tracks by putting the banjo into the mix (direct or microphone)?

If yes, you are likely to find that Bluetooth has too much latency to be practical.

If no, the banjo remains acoustic, then open back, wired headphones should give the best results.

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