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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: I found a 'new-to-me' plectrum banjo chord change today...!

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guitarbanjoman - Posted - 01/16/2021:  11:15:33

I've been playing plectrum banjo for about fifty years, and this one just sort of popped out today...?

So probably I'm just the last one to discover this change, but I'm going to share it just in case maybe some of you other PB players have never stumbled upon it, either...?

Anyway, here goes... from Ab 0111 ... to... Eb7+ 100X

From A 1222... to... E7+ 211X

From Bb 2333... to.... F7+ 322X

And so on all the way up the neck.. have fun!


Edited by - guitarbanjoman on 01/16/2021 11:36:59

Don Lewers - Posted - 01/16/2021:  16:31:13

Will, I take it the X means that string is''nt played.
Try these below for the full 4 st. chord shape.

Eb7+ 1001
E7+ 2112
F7 3223 and so on, have fun!. ....... Don.

Omeboy - Posted - 01/21/2021:  18:37:01

If you'd like something more in the way of a workout that will actually have some benefits, try this descending/ascending harmony exercise. Once you get comfortable with it, try using the "slip stroke" (up, down down, down) that Perry and all the greats used to make it a fluid and dynamic exercise up and down the neck.

guitarbanjoman - Posted - 01/22/2021:  09:37:19

Paul... is that condescending tone really necessary...?

Don... yes, I knew that 3223 chord already but my version was a way to get to the melody on the second string...

Edited by - guitarbanjoman on 01/22/2021 09:48:29

Omeboy - Posted - 01/22/2021:  09:55:05

No offense intended. I guess I do tend to be blunt on occasion. (Write first: think later.) I guess that could sound condescending, although it wasn't meant a to be. I thought some plectrum players might like something with more of a workout to it. Compared to the tenor folks, there hasn't been that much in the way of plectrum instruction. Don leads the way in that department and does a great job of it. Anyway, I hope some find this exercise helpful.

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