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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Homage to Eddy Davis

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Rob MacKillop - Posted - 01/05/2021:  05:28:08

It's a new year, and I've been thinking of those we lost last year, with Eddy foremost in my mind. I was thinking of him a lot while making this arrangement. Although we never met, his encouragement meant a lot to me, and I treasure the few emails and messages we shared. Gone but not forgotten.


Emiel - Posted - 01/05/2021:  05:41:24

Rob, lovely chords, something Eddy would have valued… A real homage.

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 01/05/2021:  06:22:37

Thanks, Emiel. Eddy was a master of harmony, for sure. I can only hope he would have liked this.

hobogal - Posted - 01/05/2021:  07:32:59

Very nice, Rob - Eddy would have loved your playing. Look forward to your Christmas book too!

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 01/05/2021:  07:46:26

Thanks, Carrie!

Brian Murphy - Posted - 01/05/2021:  09:23:20

Perfect phrasing. I really don't care for how a lot of people play the soul right out of this song and turn it almost into a drinking song. Your rendition captures it perfectly. Thanks for posting.

Edited by - Brian Murphy on 01/05/2021 09:23:46

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 01/05/2021:  10:00:05

Thanks, Brian. I hate that too! It has always had a melancholic tinge to me. Glad you like the arrangement.

SunnylandBob - Posted - 01/05/2021:  14:20:41

Beautiful harmonic lines, Rob - He's smiling out there somewhere saying "Oh yeah!!"

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 01/05/2021:  14:28:42

Cheers, Bob. Let's hope so!

Don Lewers - Posted - 01/05/2021:  21:51:00

That's a keeper Rob, a beautiful heartfelt rendition f'sure. ....... Don.

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 01/05/2021:  23:27:52

Cheers, Don. Appreciated.

Polle Flaunoe - Posted - 01/06/2021:  00:43:14


Splendid Rob!

I met with Eddy in Copenhagen 3½ years ago - invited by him for a concert and a back stage meeting afterwards - we had a jolly good chat (only too short - we could have kept on for many hours) - during this he did emphasize two players on his mind back then - David Cavage and YOU.

So - he´s most likely sitting on a cloud somewhere in Heaven - with his laptop turned on - and a big smile at his face - enjoying your arrangement of this lovely old tune.  smiley


Rob MacKillop - Posted - 01/06/2021:  01:06:08

Really? Eddy was always encouraging to me, but I assumed he was just being nice and encouraging. I've had so many people eager to tell me I wasn't doing things "right", and I got negatively affected by that. But this time round I'm more positive about my own voice, and it helps to know that Eddy saw something the detractors didn't. Of course, he was probably a little frustrated with me for not totally committing to the tenor, but this time I'll stick with it. Thanks, Polle.

banjopaolo - Posted - 01/06/2021:  03:01:16

rob this is simply the tenor banjo playing I love: clean sound, relaxed feel, good harmonies and voicings... I'm sure Eddie is proud of what you are doing!

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 01/06/2021:  03:31:08

Thanks, Paolo!

CGDA - Posted - 01/06/2021:  12:19:19

I always get beautiful music from you...I'm sure Eddy will appreciate your gift, everywhere he's now.

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 01/06/2021:  12:25:42

Thanks, Marco! Keep doing what you do, Marco!

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