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Helix - Posted - 12/23/2020:  12:21:01

A friend of mine has a special needs child. He has a recording/video studio where people come in and use his mikes.

He built a box with a fan in it.

He uses the two types of UV lights, one for OZONE production and one for direct contact.

He says it takes 30 seconds, he hangs the mike heads in there on a wire.

I worked at the homeless shelter in Phoenix when they installed UV for the virile strains of TB running through the homeless populations on the East Coast. As they migrate west with the weather, they bring it with them.

I think this is a great idea

Helix - Posted - 12/27/2020:  19:00:46


WVDreamin - Posted - 12/27/2020:  19:05:49

Interesting idea. How does he know it's working?

Aradobanjo - Posted - 12/28/2020:  03:50:21


Why not use an old sock to be a spit collector? Then, you wash or irradiate the sock.

Edited by - Aradobanjo on 12/28/2020 03:50:49

DC5 - Posted - 12/28/2020:  09:36:29

They sell UV wands to sanitize surfaces, but I wonder how long the biological organism needs to be exposed before they are killed. I used to use UV to disinfect the lab safety glasses in my classroom and would put them in the UV box for 15 minutes.

mikehalloran - Posted - 12/28/2020:  12:06:41

As of April, there were many unknowns, however, here is the CDC page. I would read this page first:

CDC page on UVC sterilization

Since the vaccines are based on the SARS 1 research, the odds are pretty good.  


Here is a later, more encouraging report done last August by Healthline that gives more specifics and practical tips.

Healthline UVC report.

Helix - Posted - 12/31/2020:  19:30:56

Thanks Mike

Socks and wind guards pass virii (new word)

OM45GE - Posted - 01/01/2021:  03:37:27

My son is a performing trumpet player. The shop he frequents, Virtuosity in Boston Massachusetts, uses a UV box of their design to disinfect their instruments and accessories. The owner said they tested it using swab cultures at one of the many medical labs in the area.

loonsailor - Posted - 01/19/2021:  14:04:48

I just saw this product announcement of a UV mic sterilizer.  I know nothing about the company or the product, just passing along the announcement.


Helix - Posted - 02/06/2021:  04:54:08

Thanks for taking the time, everyone. My friend's method is home grown in a tight box with a circulating fan.

How does he know it's working? Because he is using both kinds of UV. He is highly motivated to protect his family. He has access to all kinds of sanitation supplies and testing stuff. This is a daily row to hoe for him.

Not once did anyone mention using something like this on our cell phones. We, as humans, need help at times.

Glasses, keys, the back of your steering wheel.

123412412341234 - Posted - 02/18/2021:  07:52:25

Run several acts over the years who brought their own mics labeled for the individual performers.

Damn near impossible to get the bar stink out of a mic other wise.

There are a couple three layers of foam and pop screen filter inside of most vocal mic's, that can not be easily sanitized,
and must be physical replaced.

I can see ozone AND light, but I'd be hesitant with a $$$ large gold sputtered capsule, ozone can be corrosive to materials.

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