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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Seems quite quiet

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Rob MacKillop - Posted - 12/20/2020:  10:19:57

As some will know, I've just started posting again after a few years away from 4-string banjos, and I've stopped posting for a few days, looking forward to other posts, but not much has appeared at all. This place used to be busy, sometimes argumentative, but often entertaining and interesting. Is it because people just got tired of the forum, or that fewer people are playing 4-string banjos?

Or is it just Christmas?

Edited by - Rob MacKillop on 12/21/2020 11:35:27

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 12/20/2020:  10:59:21

Rob MacKillop

Hey Rob,
That's a very good question and something I have wondered about myself. The traffic has been slow for sometime especially after Eddy died in April. There was an individual that came on here named Jack (but not Jack Ray) that was extremely confrontational and rude and did run some people off.
I've only been here for the last five years or so and even then I think the 4 string jazz forum was losing steam. Possibly some have moved over to the Facebook groups.
I really have no answers.
I'm glad your are here.

Culloden - Posted - 12/20/2020:  11:14:19

Bah, Humbug.

No, seriously, Rob with the pandemic protocols being in effect people are not getting out and playing together. Creative ideas are not the same when passed on in social media as they are when done in person. That can put a damper on creativity and cause interest to wane. Group participation fuels peoples interest. I have seen the same thing in the 5 string community as well.
When this pandemic has passed I would say that people will be wanting to get together. Ideas will be passed along which will give them something to ask questions about and the forum will be buzzing again.

I hope that made sense.

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/20/2020:  11:31:14

Hi Rob
Like you I have been away from the hangout for a while...
When Eddie passed our friend Marco Levi informed me and we made a little video for him, so I started to come here from time to time
and in these last months of lock down I'm playing a lot of banjo (more five string) so I'm often here...
Of course there's difference thinking of some yers ago: I think the carismatic presence of Eddie was a catalyst for many of us (do you use this word in english?)

hobogal - Posted - 12/20/2020:  14:21:24

Yes, it was more active when Eddy (sadly missed), David Cava and Tony Lombardo were posting regularly - sadly, I think David got blocked or chose to leave but he still posting great tenor banjo music on youtube. There is more going on with live music posting on Facebook by pros like Cynthia Sayer and Don Vappie but I find BHO always wins for discussion and answering questions (sometimes done through searching the archive rather than posting a new post).  It's great to see you posting here Rob and I hope you will stick around.

Edited by - hobogal on 12/20/2020 14:28:44

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 12/20/2020:  14:38:16

Interesting comments. My apologies to Jack Ray for getting him confused with another Jack, or in this case, jackass.

Mark, I would have thought that those who can't play gigs currently would flock to the fora here, but I think you might be right. Live music is the bedrock of any style or instrument.

I think we all miss Eddy badly, I know I do, but we must make an effort, I guess. I don't like FaceBook, so left it. This is the only place I can see for discussions on the 4-string banjos.

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 12/20/2020:  15:04:23

Many things have contributed to the lack of postings lately, but I doubt if it's truly a lack of interest.

The passing of Mr. Davis has shad an effect, and we all miss his insights. Others, too, have been contributing less, and some of that can aslo be blamed on Covid 19. With a pandemic, there can be illnesses of both participants and thier familoies and friends which take much time either in care for those people or in worrying about them. (Some people can be figuratively paralized when events around them are so worrisome.) At the risk of sounding political, we in the US also recently had a hightly polarizing and in some places, still contested, election, and there are many members from the U.S. Then there are the Christmas/Chanuka/Kwaanza holidays and the New Year.

I do believe, and at least hope, that things will improve and interest will resume. The simple fact that yoyu are again contributing is a positive factor. You have always been one who has supplied very interesting information, erudite commentary, and fine playing.

I think if you check some other fora (I notice that you used the correct singular; many simply say "forums") that some of those have had fewer-than-usual comments. That is why I doubt this is a long term lack of interest, and why I believe that as our llives adjust to unusual conditions (and as those conditions are rectified) more people will again be participating.

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 12/20/2020:  15:23:37

Here's hoping, Georgie!

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 12/21/2020:  07:44:01


Originally posted by Rob MacKillop

Here's hoping, Georgie!

Let's also hope that I stop making so damned many typos!

Emiel - Posted - 12/21/2020:  08:45:19

I think that Eddy's death is a very big loss for the 4-string BHO-forum. I look into this forum almost every day, because I find the discussions interesting, enjoy the video clips and like the music that is played and discussed. I'm not a four-string banjo player myself, all my banjos have five strings; though I would like to have a plectrum banjo, I think, preferably an openback. But I've got too many banjos and guitars already…

You don't have to be a four-string banjoist yourself to enjoy this forum. There are many instruments or music styles that I can't play, but you can still like to hear all that or read about all that's interesting about it. Sometimes, I can contribute a little to this section of the BHO. I'll try to do my best, should there be anything worthwhile that I can post.

Edited by - Emiel on 12/21/2020 08:45:49

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 12/21/2020:  10:52:49

Emiel, your presence here is always appreciated, I'm sure.

reprobatemind - Posted - 12/21/2020:  11:27:42

Thanks for your recent posts, Rob. I am glad you are sharing interesting ideas on the site and I hope you continue. Regarding your response quoted below, you might want to just edit the original comment about Jack Ray. I think a lot of people may not read all the way down the thread to see your retraction and Jack Ray is not only a great tenor player but he is really one the nicest guys you will ever have the pleasure to meet. 



Originally posted by Rob MacKillop

Interesting comments. My apologies to Jack Ray for getting him confused with another Jack, or in this case, jackass.


Rob MacKillop - Posted - 12/21/2020:  11:36:42

You are absolutely right, my friend. I've removed that passage from the original post. Thanks for the suggestion! And heartfelt apologies to Jack.

guitarbanjoman - Posted - 12/21/2020:  13:18:27

HI Rob, as a fellow guitarist and Eddie Lang fan, welcome back to the forum.

I am also a big fan of 1920’s plectrum banjoist Sleepy Hall, and I once attempted to get a thread going about him here...

I’m hoping you will enjoy his playing since, like me, you seem to have a special love for this joyful period of music...

Take care,


Edited by - guitarbanjoman on 12/21/2020 13:20:18

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 12/22/2020:  00:50:43

Hi Will,

I'm surprised you got no responses to that thread. The film of him playing at the class reunion is a priceless piece of footage, not just for Sleepy playing the banjo, but the class film work too.

He certainly had his own way of doing things, and I'm all for that. Thanks for making me aware of Sleepy Hall!


guitarbanjoman - Posted - 12/22/2020:  05:48:03

Here are some photos of Sleepy Hall’s B & D banjo from the Museum...

Edited by - guitarbanjoman on 12/22/2020 05:50:43

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