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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Martinet Tenor Banjo. Maker?

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beezaboy - Posted - 10/02/2020:  04:06:11

On ebay:

I wonder who made this banjo?

The Martinet brand also appears on a guitar.


beegee - Posted - 10/02/2020:  06:41:20

The guitar has the appearance of being a Washburn product. I imagine the banjo was made by one of the Chicago makers. I found one attribution to Slingerland. The peghead is somewhat similar to the Gibson double-cut, oddly enough.

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G Edward Porgie - Posted - 10/02/2020:  08:17:48

The banjo doesn't look anything like a Slingerland product, and I suspect New York rather than Chicago. However, the auction pictures are not good enough to determine much of anything.

Martinet, I'd guess, was a distributer and not a maker, so their products may have come from several different sources.

Culloden - Posted - 10/02/2020:  10:37:57

I agree with Bob about the guitar looking like a Washburn. My first impression of the banjo is that it is a Lange product which would be in sync with George's suggestion of New York manufacture, and also his idea that the company may not be a maker.

mikehalloran - Posted - 10/03/2020:  06:14:28

Looks like a Lange at first glance. Would know more with the resonator off.

Looks nice.

Culloden - Posted - 10/03/2020:  08:27:11

Still only $49.00 bid price at 11 AM. That seems like a good price no matter who made it. Somebody buy it before I break down and get it. I remember the war that started at home the last time I succumbed to this kind of temptation.

beezaboy - Posted - 10/03/2020:  09:04:58

This tenor banjo looks like (prototypical) just about every 1925-1935 jazz age tenor banjo on the market back then. Surely we should be able to identify the maker. But we can't. The peghead and fingerboard inlay look something like a Weymann but the double cut is too severe at the top. So severe that the bottom of the geared peg peeks out. Also, Weymann used notched hoops like the subject banjo. The flange looks something like a Paramount but the sound holes are too small. Lange didn't use notched hoops to my knowledge. The decal on the resonator is completely foreign. The resonator attachments look a little homemade to me. I have been assuming that this banjo was commissioned by a music store or music school but if it was I can't find a Martinet store or school. The "Martinet" brand on the peghead is well done I think with the swoosh at the bottom and one line crossing the two "T's". Very tidy. So, maybe the maker was Mr. Martinet who shopped around for parts and shaped the wood, cut in the fretboard inlays and assembled the parts in this basement shop?? Doesn't explain the Martinet guitar but is possibly the answer to the OP.

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