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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: I found a New and Different Spider to Exam (with LASERS)

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Banjo - Posted - 09/07/2020:  09:05:43

I found a New and Different Spider to Exam  laugh

I will have further examinations with this one also.  smiley


mander - Posted - 09/07/2020:  14:27:18

Smaller objects have less surface area and thus less bothered by the wind. There is a newsman who is made to go into a wind tunnel to demonstrate this whenever there is a hurricane due. He's like 5'2? and they have another man who is 6'2 go into the wind tunnel with him. The bigger man whosses out way before the little guy does.

DRH - Posted - 09/07/2020:  15:22:50


Ebay sells lasers that can be turned up. Two watts will fry spiders if the lens is any good.

My yard helper got bit by a copperhead last year. He lopped the head off with pruning shears and kept working. But let a spider cross his path and we have to kill it while he stands 50 feet away, clutching his chest. Maybe one of those killer lasers will be good therapy for him. Thanks for the idea. I might even get one for myself.

steve davis - Posted - 09/08/2020:  14:10:22

I thought this was going to be about skillets.

Brian T - Posted - 09/08/2020:  19:08:25

Smaller objects have a bigger surface area when compared to their volume.
This explains why little kids get colder, faster, in the winter than an adult.

Consider a sugar cube. One unit of volume to 6 units of surface area. SA/V = 6:1
Now make a little pile of 4 on the bottom and a top layer of 4 sugar cubes.
You see that every sugar cube now shows only 3 open sides.
8 units of volume and 8x3 units of surface area = 24. SA/V = 3/1.

Spiders are a good deal.
Self-propelled bug killers, work 274/7 for food.
No mess, no smell, no noise, cheap to feed.

Lots of bush flies buzzing on the windshield in Australia.
I had a dime sized spider that lived in a hole in the dash board molding of my car.
She(?) was a dream helper and fun to watch her go about her business.

DC5 - Posted - 09/09/2020:  06:37:48


Originally posted by Brian T

Smaller objects have a bigger surface area when compared to their volume.

This explains why little kids get colder, faster, in the winter than an adult.


Then why did my mom make me put a sweater on whenever she got cold?

mike gregory - Posted - 09/09/2020:  07:14:06

Any critter that will bite a bug before the bug bug bites ME, is a respected friend, and an ally.

Richard Hauser - Posted - 09/09/2020:  09:41:34

Yesterday a neighbor was trimming shrubs, and black widow spider jumped out and bit him through the gloves he was wearing. His hand and arm swelled up. That happened next door to me. Could have been worse. Bites from a Brown Recluse spider don't seem to heal. An acquaintance in Michigan had one bite him. It would start to heal, then it would break out again.

ChunoTheDog - Posted - 09/09/2020:  09:48:17

I used to not mind spiders too much, until I saw one eating a bird in Bolivia.
Thing was big enough to make noise with its mouth. Terrifying and unsettling. Monsters do exist.

Brian T - Posted - 09/09/2020:  11:58:51

Subjective transfer.
Perhaps she understood that if she was cold, likewise could be expected for children.

mike gregory - Posted - 09/09/2020:  12:09:52

This one is not actually EATING a bird, but here's a video with info.



Banjo - Posted - 09/10/2020:  17:16:53

I have an Update on my Spider, "Epstein"

Edited by - Banjo on 09/10/2020 17:18:13

overhere - Posted - 09/11/2020:  03:49:14

if you read about little harmless house spiders I assure you you will leave them be. They are more beneficial then not. I do not kill any little bug no matter....I catch it and take it outside if I deem it shouldn't belong in my house.

Elmo_Smiley - Posted - 09/11/2020:  04:16:02

I have learned respectfully through bible study that every creature placed on this earth has a purpose, and there is a purpose for every creature. Having said and acknowledged this, I will admit my sins: IMHO, the only good spider is a dead spider. Apologies in advance.

Richard Hauser - Posted - 09/12/2020:  07:08:53

I don't kill most insects that come into my house. We kill natural predators and then complain about the result - which we created. Getting more information about creatures around a person can create more a constructive attitude. No sense in killing anything that is beneficial.

The are too many incorrect "old wives tales" about creatures behavior. Some result from the fact that during mankind's evolution, some other animal was a competitor for the same food source.
We consider a species "bad", and the justify this statement by falsifying facts or ignoring reality.

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