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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Testing dog for diabetes

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mike gregory - Posted - 06/02/2020:  11:44:24

Other than the $24 blood test meter, is there any way to test a dog's urine for diabetes?
Like a test strip to dip in the urine.
(First person to suggest a TASTE TEST gets a swat upside the head with an unfretted SQUARED EEL neck!)

banjomary74 - Posted - 06/02/2020:  11:48:44

Taste test!

C'mon, I DARE you to get within Derringer range of me, with any kind of club in your hand!


(OK, really, Mike posted this specifically to ask about  MY  dog.)


BrooksMT - Posted - 06/02/2020:  11:56:20

I searched google, phrase was: home test dog diabetes

This brought up several home test kits, hope it helps (and I hope your dog is just fine).

Owen - Posted - 06/02/2020:  12:26:12

.... not a urine test.... but with a little tweaking.... maybe the dog can do a DIY:     Yer welcome.   cheeky 

[...and I trust somebody will be more helpful than I am.]

Dagnabbit - Posted - 06/02/2020:  13:24:01

banjomary74 - Posted - 06/02/2020:  14:40:51

Thank you, gentlemen!

On behalf of Mooch.

Paul R - Posted - 06/02/2020:  15:03:31

"Testing dog for diabetes"

That's what Banting and Best used when they discovered unsulin - testing dogs.

steveh_2o - Posted - 06/02/2020:  15:15:28

Watch the spot on the ground where he pees.


If the pee

attracts the bees

then the dog

got di-bee-tees


I actually don't know but a couple years ago I self diagnosed myself this way. (I live waaay out in the country).

Sure enough when I had it checked my blood sugar was up there.  So far I am managing it with my diet.  



Taste Test!

(you said the first person)

Bum Ditty Brendan - Posted - 06/02/2020:  20:12:31

Ask a friend if they know any dogs with diabetes.

If they say no, and they know your dog, you are good to go.

Edited by - Bum Ditty Brendan on 06/02/2020 20:13:28

raybob - Posted - 06/02/2020:  22:06:35

Observe for the 3 P’s of diabetes. I don’t know if an abnormal reading on a urine dipstick meant for humans would tell you much about dogs. But a high blood glucose is going to bring out the 3 P’s. If the dog is lethargic or smells like fingernail polish remover take it in.

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