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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Country Blues Instrumental Sample?

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6stringedRamble - Posted - 06/02/2020:  07:37:36

I'm practicing a lot lately the Country Blues from the TABs in Art Rosenbaum's book Art of the Mountain Banjo. I gave up for a while, but now I'm set on learning it.

In the sample sound file provided by the book I can't distinguish the notes real well because Art is singing over them. I have the same issue with the Dock Boggs recording. Since the playing is so note heavy with syncopation, I really can't pick out the tune just from the TABs either.

I was wondering if someone has, or can make and upload a recording of the TAB in instrumental only?

It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

janolov - Posted - 06/02/2020:  11:29:19

In the Tab archive here at BanjoHangout, there are four different tabs of Country Blues that refer to Dock Boggs. have you tested them?

6stringedRamble - Posted - 06/02/2020:  12:43:58


Originally posted by janolov

In the Tab archive here at BanjoHangout, there are four different tabs of Country Blues that refer to Dock Boggs. have you tested them?


Yes, I have tested the one by Chad Jones. I don't know if he is known on this forum, but he had a nice version of Country Blues on Youtube that is not there anymore. It seems to be a simplified version of the Rosenbaum version. 

It is not the TAB per se that I struggle with, but identifying the melody within, or just the general timing of the song, because so much of it is rolls. 

Like when I play Wayne Erbesen's Buffalo Gals or Wildwood Flower from his intro book, you can hear the melody and know easily if you are on the right track. 


But with this song most of it is rolls, and I try to hear it Rosenbaum's or Bogg's version and I'm struggling to identify it, because A. it's really fast, and B. the playing is secondary to the singing. That why I was hoping someone who knows how it should sound could put a sample up. 

ceemonster - Posted - 06/10/2020:  16:29:33

There is a privately created and sold Doc Boggs tab book out there somewhere that people have discussed here on BH. You used to be able to get it in PDF form from the gent who put it together. I got one and it's a bit simplified, but quite helpful.    I have no idea if this info is current, but here is what I could dig up here at BH--it's Doc Boggs and Roscoe Holcomb stuff:


Also--this isn't tab. But there are a number of great slow Doc Boggs country-blues banjo lessons viewable on Youtube by the wonderful Chris Berry of Southern California.   Wizard of banjo and other instruments and a member of the inimitable Sausage Grinder.   I've linked his "Danville GIrl" lesson below, and you can seek out the others there.

Edited by - ceemonster on 06/10/2020 16:33:31

JSB88 - Posted - 06/11/2020:  08:40:23

A little while ago someone posted a link to a website that had loads of tunes and played just the melody. Don’t know if it had the one you’re after and also don’t have the link, so not greatly helpful but maybe someone has the link and could post it?

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