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steve davis - Posted - 05/30/2020:  18:02:13

Just got my new ones in the mail.
I like the new VA design.


chuckv97 - Posted - 05/30/2020:  18:07:59

When I saw your thread title I thought you meant these


steve davis - Posted - 05/30/2020:  18:22:17

I've had them for 20 years.

figmo59 - Posted - 05/30/2020:  19:00:09

Well I was thinkin teeth too....

I mean it is a ..banjo site... :0/

figmo59 - Posted - 05/30/2020:  19:01:06

Btw..nice plates Steve... :0)

HarleyQ - Posted - 05/30/2020:  19:52:29

Nice plates Chuck!!

chuckv97 - Posted - 05/30/2020:  19:59:51


Originally posted by HarleyQ

Nice plates Chuck!!

Oh thanks,,,got'em on sale for a mere $3,000

Wet Spaniel - Posted - 05/30/2020:  20:00:54


Owen - Posted - 05/31/2020:  07:07:06


Originally posted by chuckv97

<snip>   Oh thanks,,,got'em on sale for a mere $3,000 or second-hand?      cheeky

It reminds me of the time, 'way back, when some young(ish) rowdies chartered a bus from  Swan River to a Riders game in Regina.  There was some sort of buffet after the game, and somebody noticed one guy picking up only jelly and other soft stuff.   Turns out that he had up-chucked [plate included] into the bus's can.   After the meal, the driver swung around to the bus terminal; the contents of the can were dumped out onto the floor; the dude sheepishly went over and retrieved his plate... went over to a tap, washed 'em off and popped them back in... and Bob's yer uncle.  All's well that ends well!! 

[Disclaimer: In case you hadn't guessed, a fair bit of schnapps had been consumed (pre-, during, and post-).   And I was not one of the lead actors.]


steve davis - Posted - 05/31/2020:  08:30:48

I knew folks that got their teeth from Sears,I believe and shaped them to fit at home,DIY.

Owen - Posted - 05/31/2020:  17:10:52

Further to Steve's post, here's a link to an anecdote re. Sears & Roebuck teeth:

bubbalouie - Posted - 06/01/2020:  08:47:04

I knew a diver that had a compressor in his garage for filling up other divers tanks. He had some of his found items like old anchors & stuff on the walls. All around the top were false teeth he found. He used to dive a lot checking the bottoms & props on boats in the harbours.  A lot of people party on their boats when tied up & yack over the side apparently! 

steve davis - Posted - 06/01/2020:  10:08:01

Just got back from the town office where I paid the registration and got the new stickers.
I asked if I needed to mask up and was told No,just pass the check and insurance card to them at the door and wait outside while it was processed.

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