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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Pigtown Fling - Pete Seeger

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kwfolk1 - Posted - 05/29/2020:  13:31:42

Does any one know what style Pete uses to play the Pigtown Fling? Does anyone have TABS for Pete's version of the Pigtown Fling? Any & all info would be greatly appreciated.

Emiel - Posted - 05/29/2020:  13:42:03

This is it:

I think it's just three-finger picking, with sometimes a brush. It doesn't sound like Scruggs-style, so let's call it oldtime three-finger picking.

kwfolk1 - Posted - 05/29/2020:  13:47:16

Yup! Thanks! Thought it might be 3-finger picking, just wasn't sure.

lazlototh - Posted - 05/29/2020:  14:25:09

That is sweet. Sounds like it is not too complicated to pick up. (I hope)

pastorharry - Posted - 05/29/2020:  19:22:00

Sounds like two separate players, one very melodic style similar to Bill Keith or Tony Trisika , one more simple, (probably Pete). Anyway, nice blend.

Bill Rogers - Posted - 05/29/2020:  20:35:22

Reminds us, as has been recently noted in another thread, that Pete Seeger was a really good banjo player. I agree that it’s an old-time (and remarkably melodic) 3-finger style.  

janolov - Posted - 05/30/2020:  00:01:31

It is two banjos, but I think plays the "melodic" part and there is another player making the back-up accompaniment. Pigtown Fling is not a too difficult tune, and Pete Seeger was absolutely a really good banjo player.

cmic - Posted - 05/30/2020:  02:06:15

Maybe a bit out of topic, but it reminds me of Pigtown Fling by Stefan Grosman on guitar.

JLouis Thiry - Posted - 05/30/2020:  02:51:31

This duet is perfect and Pete Seeger is (I think) playing both banjo parts, he was a master in harmony and accompaniement.

Here you can download the "Banks of Marble and Other Songs" liner notes. And yes it's the same tune Stefan Grosman plays in a more ragtime way.

janolov - Posted - 05/30/2020:  03:20:38

I agree with Jean Louis. It is Pete Seeger playing both banjo parts in Pigtown Fling. I listened to the other tracks on the LP, and in most songs there are multiple instruments. According to the liner notes the recording of the LP took 8 months and were done in the garage of Fred Hellerman (from the Weavers) who had an 8 track recording machine. Pete used to give credit to other musicians so I presume he was the only musician.

plunkyjunkie - Posted - 05/30/2020:  10:34:56

In case anyone wants to play something similar but doesn't have Pete's abilities, this is a fun version and easy enough to pick up in about 5 minutes.. The poster goes thru it slow a few times and then takes up speed.

Edited by - plunkyjunkie on 05/30/2020 10:37:04

Joel Hooks - Posted - 05/30/2020:  17:22:44

This piece was published in "The Banjo Player's Favorite" by Zarh Myron Bickford (formally Myron A. Bickford) in 1918.

John Gribble - Posted - 05/30/2020:  20:48:18

I posted my say on the "PeteSeeger" group site. It is a duet (clear when listening on headphones) , two-finger lead (left ear), three finger harmony (right ear), and marvelous all the way around.

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