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 Playing Advice: Clawhammer and Old-Time Styles
 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Old Joe's Barroom

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Jean-Louis - Posted - 05/25/2020:  15:50:58

Does anyone have a tablature of Dock Bogg's Old Joe's Barroom, please? I understand it is related to St James Infirmary, but it seems that Bogg plays the tune in 3/4. Thank you for your help.

Chris Berry - Posted - 05/25/2020:  21:00:14

Try it without tablature. It's in gCGBD tuning (he's probably tuned a little low). It's played in G position out of that tuning. There's only three chords:

G: 7-7-8-9

C: 0-0-1-2

D: 2-2-3-4

bar across the strings with your index and use your middle and ring or middle and pinky for the other two notes.

all the same shaped chord. Play the fourth (bass) string with your thumb on beat one, pluck up with your index and middle on the second and first strings on beats 2 and 3.  Sometimes Boggs plays an arpeggio: 4th, 2nd, 1st, 2nd instead. That's pretty much it. It's one of his easier tunes.


Edited by - Chris Berry on 05/25/2020 21:00:56

Jean-Louis - Posted - 05/26/2020:  15:06:51

thank you!

JSB88 - Posted - 05/28/2020:  10:08:31

I learned it by watching this (hope the link works)

janolov - Posted - 05/28/2020:  11:14:58

Even if Clifton Hick's version is nice (or even more than nice), I think his version differs a lot from Dock Boggs' version. Clifton Hicks plays and sing in the key of C minor (perhaps tuned down a half stem to Bm), while Dock Boggs play it i G major.

JSB88 - Posted - 05/29/2020:  10:47:58

I am woefully ignorant as to actual music, if you see what I mean. I use the tuning referred to by Chris Berry, gCGBD, but picked up the tune watching the video. I have no clue if that affects the key, or if that is more to do with were the chord is formed?

Chris Berry - Posted - 06/02/2020:  17:20:32


Originally posted by JSB88

I have no clue if that affects the key, or if that is more to do with were the chord is formed?

Both, but the melody is very similar in both versions!

JSB88 - Posted - 06/07/2020:  11:14:16


Originally posted by Chris Berry



Both, but the melody is very similar in both versions!

Hmm. I suppose no one is really going for a carbon copy, just ‘in the style of..’ sort of thing. Although I learned it by watching and listening to Clifton Hicks what  I play isn’t exactly the same (and obviously not as accomplished). 

BTW, thanks Chris for your 2ftl instructional videos. It was a combination of your video on Groundhog and Oh Molly Dear (still one of my favourites to play) and Sean Barths tabs that got me going, and kept me going in my early days of learning the banjo

Edited by - JSB88 on 06/07/2020 11:15:12

UncleClawhammer - Posted - 06/25/2020:  04:18:07

It's really too simple to tab, he's just playing the chords. Chris Berry has it right.

Marendelas - Posted - 06/25/2020:  17:08:28

I am struck by Meredith Moon;s version

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