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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Some days you're diamonds, today I'm a stone - what's going on?

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pjfolino - Posted - 05/13/2020:  18:57:27

Hey guys,

Does this ever happen to you? You can't play the simplest lick or roll that you've played well for years... Really frustrating! What do you do on days like that?

Been playing for around 7 years, 5 in bands - and still have these days.


Ian Stuart - Posted - 05/13/2020:  20:09:00

Yep happens to me quite a bit. What do I do I put it down and go for a ride on the horse,or motorcycle or go fishing. Some days you just get brain fade. You haven’t lost it ,it’s just taking a day or two off. Stay safe and good luck.

stanleytone - Posted - 05/14/2020:  02:25:34

Learning a new break will sometimes uplift a banjo player that is stuck in the mud

overhere - Posted - 05/14/2020:  03:29:41

........ Oh my goodness no….. we experienced pickers never have a bad day where we can’t pick a thing…..cough cough…….

Texasbanjo - Posted - 05/14/2020:  04:42:37

Of course it's happened to me and to others. Why? Who knows. Maybe something happening in your life is causing you to be unable to concentrate, maybe it's just one of those things that none of us can understand, but it happens. Don't let it bother you. Try again tomorrow and maybe you'll find that you can actually play better than you did the day or two before.

RevSpyder - Posted - 05/14/2020:  05:32:28

I've been a professional artist all my life. Some days I just can't draw a stick. It just happens.

TheChaplain - Posted - 05/14/2020:  06:11:03

I slow down and practice them over and over until I get them down and then speed them back up. The main thing is to give yourself some grace and KEEP PICKING!

Edited by - TheChaplain on 05/14/2020 06:12:05

szbassoon - Posted - 05/14/2020:  09:40:29

I have those days and so does my banjo! For me, that's what so great about treating the banjo as a hobby: you can just put it away before you get frustrated and come back to it.

It's a good reason to practice early in the day. If you find that happening, you can take a long break and still have time to try again later in the day.

stanger - Posted - 05/17/2020:  01:51:14

It's a matter of focus for me sometimes, and a matter of physical condition other times.

If I try to play the banjo after doing something strenuous with my hands, the hand fatigue can make things difficult. If I can't get focused enough to get into the zone where my mind is relaxed and is happily concentrating on just my banjo, I won't be happy with what I'm playing.

As was mentioned in another post, I think regularity really helps too. There are always going to be days when everything clicks and days when it doesn't. With enough time in the exercise, I expect more of the first will happen and less of the second.

I haven't ever been that regular, though. I tend to practice in fits and spurts, and I'll either quit too soon or practice too long. The second wears me out, but I always get more satisfaction when I practice for several hours non-stop.

Richard Hauser - Posted - 05/17/2020:  06:26:51

I don't think there is anything a person can do except take a short nap and put a little more effort into concentration when they start playing. Our physical and mental state affect our concentration, and that has an impact on our playing.

mike gregory - Posted - 05/17/2020:  06:36:53

May as well add this song to your reppa-twa!

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This!


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