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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Take Five / personal live playing

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mastomo - Posted - 04/29/2020:  06:34:14

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new on this forum, and I really like it !

let me introduce myself :
My name is Thomas, living in Paris (France). I'm a guitar player since ... well 30 years now (aouch, time go fast) ...
Last year, I had a job for a show and had to play one song, three chords, with a Banjo.
I decided to buy a Banjo. I could have borrow one but thought to myself that I wanted a bit more with this instrument.
Because I like funky stuff, jazz, and dance music I choose a tenor Banjo, and since, I'm really excited about practicing and progress with my first price Deering 17 frets tenor open back.

Enough talk, here is a version of this jazz tune "Take Five"
I'm struggling with the tremolo, ... so there is no tremolo here :-)

Hope you will enjoy this version

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 04/29/2020:  07:24:14

Nice playing and great sound. Guitar and banjo were complimentary of each other. Impressive.

DC5 - Posted - 04/29/2020:  08:34:51

Very nice. Welcome to the forum, hope you post more.

Omeboy - Posted - 04/29/2020:  09:30:52

Nice playing and well executed, but too bad you limited yourself to 17 frets. A lot of previous guitar players go for a plectrum neck with 22 frets.

hobogal - Posted - 04/29/2020:  10:14:25

Sounds great - welcome to the forum!

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 04/29/2020:  16:26:23

Despite what Omeboy says, I don't think you are limited by the 17 frets, if only because the differencces between tenor and plectrum tuning.

I also don't agree with any real limits if a musician utilizes what he has in a musical manner.

SunnylandBob - Posted - 04/29/2020:  16:28:41

Welcome, Thomas...and WOW! I enjoyed your beautiful phrasing & those tasty solo licks, too. Looking forward to hearing more of your playing!!

mastomo - Posted - 04/30/2020:  02:26:16

Thanks a lot for your kind words I really appreciate

About plectrum 22 frets and tenor 17 frets, I don't know what to say because I've never play with a plectrum.

But one thing I'm pretty sure is the tunning with the 5th is completly amazing, I love this !!!

Have a nice day

Edited by - mastomo on 04/30/2020 02:27:07

CGDA - Posted - 04/30/2020:  04:27:48

Thomas, I love so much your version of "Take Five". It's so accurate, clean and enjoyable. It seems to me that you are using your thumbnail as a plectrum, am I right?

mastomo - Posted - 05/01/2020:  02:24:27

Hello Marco,

Well, no, I'm playing with a pick.
It is true we can't see it. maybe because the part under the thumb is much more important than the part out from the thumb.

The funny thought from your message is that my favorite guitar player is Wes Montgomery !
I've tried so hard to play with the thumb without succeed !

Have a nice day

CGDA - Posted - 05/01/2020:  08:57:19

Thomas, thank you for answering!

lazlototh - Posted - 05/01/2020:  09:57:17

Thomas, great version of a great song. Thanks for putting this together and posting.
Tom in Maine

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