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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Is it the switch?

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steve davis - Posted - 04/08/2020:  20:28:26

A week ago I turned on my 2hp Harbor Freight dust collector.
A curl of smoke rose from the switch box and I quickly unplugged it.Took the switch cover off to see one of the two white wires fallen (melted solder?) out of the connector and the other white wire still attached,but heated looking/blackunder the plastic boot.
Two other Black wires and a Green ground unharmed.

Motor spins easy and smooth.I guess it's brushless.
Any ideas on what an ohm meter might show or some test?

Owen - Posted - 04/08/2020:  20:48:53

Is the switch on the white, with the blacks in a Marette (TM).... or other way around?  

I don't necessarily recommend it, but the "test" I'd likely start with is to clean and re-crimp the loose connection and then give 'er a whirl [while being ready to pull the plug if need be].   

NOTE:  I don't always do things "by the book."    Good luck.


Edited by - Owen on 04/08/2020 20:54:33

steve davis - Posted - 04/08/2020:  21:10:01

The switch has 4 connecting tabs.2 white and 2 black wires.White one burned off.

OM45GE - Posted - 04/09/2020:  03:42:37

It may be difficult to tell postmortem, but if the wire was defective to begin with, (strands missing when they stripped the end for example or poorly inserted in the connector), it could heat up in normal use and ultimately fail.

If the switch is in good condition, you could cut the wire back to where it’s undamaged, connect it properly and give a try. As Owen said, be ready to unplug quickly.

I wonder why your circuit breaker didn’t trip.

O.D. - Posted - 04/09/2020:  04:46:18

If it has a capacitor , that would be my first guess.

wizofos - Posted - 04/09/2020:  05:08:03

Use an Ohm meter to test if the switch still works, unplug it and put a lead on each side of the switch then test if it turns off and on. If the switch is burned out or failed then does not matter what you do with the wires. I would also test the power cable from the plug to the switch box just to make sure it is good.

steve davis - Posted - 04/09/2020:  07:12:40

I've been using it daily for 10 years.
Thanks for the great ideas,guys!
Worst comes to worse a whole new machine is 219 bucks.
This one owes me nothing.

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