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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Any model ship builders?Other models?

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brewerpaul - Posted - 04/04/2020:  06:05:51

Hi-- are there any other model ship builders here?
I started a cross section model of the USS Constitution about 30 years ago. I got the hull framed and planked,deck beams installed and then got totally intimidated. I put the ship in "drydock" on a shelf.
I never lost my love for sailing ships,especially having visited some including the Charles W. Morgan in Mystic, Cutty Sark in London, and the viking ship Draken Harfarge when she stopped in DC. As a 3 year resident of Maryland I decided I'd like to build a model of The Pride Of Baltimore II. I bought a slightly completed kit on eBay but put off building the Pride. Instead I re-launched the Constitution which I figured would be a good practice model. Nowadays there's a wealth of model ship building online with lots of superb builders eager and willing to help newbies. So far it's coming along nicely. I have all of the below decks done and am preparing to start on the mast and spars. I've left the cannons off the deck for now,figuring they'd get in the way of rigging and can easily be added later.

bubbalouie - Posted - 04/04/2020:  07:27:47

I used to build WWI airplanes, hot rods & motorcycles as a kid. I have thought about ships & ships in a bottle but I have an expensive model of a Harley 45 that I've dragged around fo 20 years not even started!

heavy5 - Posted - 04/04/2020:  08:45:37

Nice job Paul !
The rigging designs on these sailing ships to me are interesting & how it all stood rough seas & for most of the parts there were spares carried with them they could retrofit at sea . Also the hull itself in most wood sailing ships is a challenge in wood working --- a craft of its own w/ variations in different countries & time periods .

We had a small 18' sail boat , a Siren built in Canada which I restored . It had a swing keel which sometimes would allow a very small amount of water up thru its opening in the floor . First time out on Cayuga lake that happened & wife became panicky ---- it was the end of our sailing career :-(

steve davis - Posted - 04/04/2020:  11:53:54

I have a Whitehall model I keep meaning to dig out and quite a few NATO vehicles from the 60s and 70s.
I believe I'll start an AFV 1:35 scale Deuce and a half.I bid on a bunch of these on ebay a few years ago.There's over 300 pieces to 'em.

heavy5 - Posted - 04/04/2020:  12:08:49

Used to belong to a local giant scale model aircraft club yrs ago & here's a 91" span Bellanca Skyrocket I built which flew very scale like w/ its Super Tiger 2000 glow engine .

Down side to these larger models (at least to me) was toting them to the club field assemble , then disassemble but they are easier to fly than the smaller quicker planes as reaction time is slower .

Couldn't seem to delete pic of our dog Jake ---  very frustrating !  

Edited by - heavy5 on 04/04/2020 12:33:21

Brian T - Posted - 04/04/2020:  13:10:37

I've built up several models of da Vinci machines ( Ornithopter, helicopter and so on.) ((Lee Valley))
Now I have all 4 complex "Rube Goldberg" marble transporting machine puzzles in a stack of boxes.
Just about useless enough to send to other family members.

steve davis - Posted - 04/04/2020:  13:16:25

I visited a local artist in Port Clyde a few years ago.
So many wonderful creations in his house.On a little end table there was a very exacting model of the little time machine model the movie star brought to the table,put a cigar in the seat and sent to the future.
The detail was astonishing.And the "disc" spun when touching the "throttle" arm.

ban-joe - Posted - 04/04/2020:  22:03:40

I’m not a model builder, but our company has done a fair amount of work at the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan. (I’ve done antique furniture restoration and some other woodwork maintenance there.)
Their collection of ship models is stunning. I feel really fortunate to have been able to spend so much time ogling their historic collection. Very few people are afforded such a luxury.
(Hats off to those of you with those miniaturist skills. Impressive.)

figmo59 - Posted - 04/04/2020:  22:29:55

Lis dose doll houses..

Banjowen - Posted - 04/05/2020:  01:55:13

I bought a model kit of The President galleon type sailing ship before this hideous mess kicked off, haven't got round to starting it yet....

RB-1 - Posted - 04/05/2020:  04:30:10

I've been making (flying) model airplanes for most of my life.

Some Free Flight, Control Line and Radio Control.

Because of my local club -in the late sixties- having many CL competition flyers I got involved as well.

Made it to national beginner champion Precision Aerobatics in 1970. From then, if I'd wanted to carry on, I had to fly the full schedule with the big boys, which I did.

Secured myself a place on the national team in 1978 and been to my first W. Ch.

After that, life got in the way big time, but never unpleasant, that is.

Besides my day job, played banjo in a semi pro band from 1986, also the first year I went to a W.Ch. again and from then, it was on and off, depending on time available and whether I made it to the national top 3.

Until I decided my last one had to be the 2016 in Australia.

My last competition model (electric motor):

Been to the USA once, W.Ch. 2004 in Muncie , In. That's when and where I met Kevin 'Warpdrive' as well.

Flew my last model with IC engine (Super Tigre V .60):



Edited by - RB-1 on 04/05/2020 04:37:19

brewerpaul - Posted - 04/05/2020:  07:13:04


Originally posted by Banjowen

I bought a model kit of The President galleon type sailing ship before this hideous mess kicked off, haven't got round to starting it yet....

Being housebound, this would be a great time to start it!

BTW-- if you haven't discovered it yet, is an amazing resource for anything to do with model ships;plastic,wood,cardboard (yes cardboard!)

heavy5 - Posted - 04/05/2020:  09:01:13

Bruno , Really great to see & read of your U control accomplishments & as well musicianship as in your blog . I'm sure my hearing today would be much better if I hadn't spent the time in my teens flying U control w/ the un muffled Fox & Mc Coy glow engines. Never any competition but enjoyed combat w/ friends . Favorite plane was the Ringmaster .
It's good to see banjo players responding to this post as I'm positive from my experience there is a like interest between banjo players , car lovers , & modelers & I'm sure more talented people .

steve davis - Posted - 04/05/2020:  09:16:51

Dad (Chet Davis) built and repaired many real boats.He and Gramp built a new traditional dory that Andy Wyeth ended up buying.

This is a Hamilton lobsterboat kit that Dad put together.

He didn't like the kit's "sheer line" and recut that to his liking.

Came out nice and hangs for all time over my old pool table.

Precious they linger.

Edited by - steve davis on 04/05/2020 09:23:43


figmo59 - Posted - 04/05/2020:  11:13:51

From Liz: finished basement of house I'm currently working on. Kitchen and chef's quarters.


figmo59 - Posted - 04/05/2020:  11:16:12

And here's the whole thing closed up:


RB-1 - Posted - 04/05/2020:  12:30:17


Originally posted by heavy5

I'm sure my hearing today would be much better if I hadn't spent the time in my teens flying U control w/ the un muffled Fox & Mc Coy glow engines.

Never had a McCoy, but Fox..... My first 'big' engine was a .35 Stunt, I put in a design from one of my stunt mentors. This was my entry into full CLPA.

The 'Super Suppi', 42" span, no flaps, yet capable of the complete schedule.

2 years later I made myself a Nobler derivative, using the same Fox, but this time with a silencer...laugh


heavy5 - Posted - 04/05/2020:  13:44:00

Think the Mc Coy's had a slight edge on RPM but the Fox's would literally run forever w/ right adjust & a good castor fuel mix verses the McCoy's which didn't last .

Edited by - heavy5 on 04/05/2020 13:46:47

DeanT - Posted - 04/05/2020:  14:16:15

I was big time into scale and non-scale RC model aircraft combat. Designed all my own planes. If any RC'ers here remember Simple Plastic Aircraft Designs (SPAD) that was me.

chuckv97 - Posted - 04/05/2020:  14:20:21

My older brother was a model car hobbyist. You wouldn’t dare breathe around him when he was painting his models or gluing a tiny difficult piece on. lol

Helix - Posted - 04/05/2020:  17:26:24

When I was 9, I got to climb around inside Old Ironsides to my heart's content.

I now make my own 1/64 car bodies of models you can't buy in that scale.

Here's a Vanwall and a Ferrari 246

Yes, I cut my own tires, exhaust pipes, roll bars and steering wheels are speaker wire.  

Edited by - Helix on 04/05/2020 17:28:51


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