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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: New Gold Tone arch top or '69 Gibson RB250 arch top?

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AJZent - Posted - 04/03/2020:  19:13:44

Why or why not? I'm partial to arch tops & that sound. Although not opposed to challengers (good set up brass hoop!).
If you have a vested interest your vote will be disqualified (no not really - everybody is well to their opinion - even if you're trying to sell something).
Hope all are fairing well with pandemic. Thanks AJ

Blue20Boy17 - Posted - 04/03/2020:  19:42:45

Is the 250 with a fiddle-cut headstock with leaves and bows fretboard inlays or the flyswatter with bowtie fretboard inlays? If it was the bowtie, I'd tend toward it and switch the thin-black rim out for either a full thickness 3-ply or a block rim (I prefer block for many, many reasons but it seems most prefer ply). However, if it is the fiddle cut headstock, I'd steer clear of those and tend toward the Gold Tone, because with a good setup, those brass hoop banjos can be killers, plus they're lightweight.

rbfour5 - Posted - 04/03/2020:  20:01:41

I would take a '69 Gibson with a raised head over a Gold Tone raised head any day of the week! My choice is based on having played both. If you like the profile of those RB-250 necks, you will be disappointed in the Gold Tone (by my experience). AND if you like that raised head tone (and of course, set up is going to play a big part in that tone) it's hard to beat. My other reason is that '69 Mastertone has been together for 51 years- you won't get a current Gold Tone to sound like that banjo that has been settling in for 51 years.
Sorry- no dog in the hunt. Only personal experience.
Good luck with your polling!

AJZent - Posted - 04/03/2020:  21:36:10

Brian I like the "Blondie arch top" are you personally familiar?

Alvin Conder - Posted - 04/04/2020:  06:13:15

Just looked at those three ads.

That’s a lot of banjo for under 1200.00.

I would grab one of those if your not hung up on getting a Gibson, or the 950.00 GTR that’s listed right now.

rbfour5 - Posted - 04/04/2020:  06:23:24

The blonde GS are good raised heads as well; and I’ve played a maple blonde and the mahogany. The maple is definitely brighter. You have plenty of raised head choices available today.
Have fun!!

banjoman56 - Posted - 04/04/2020:  07:31:33

I would take the Gibson over the Gold Tone, but those Gold Star banjos are good and the prices are right.

Brian Murphy - Posted - 04/04/2020:  08:11:11


Originally posted by AJZent

Brian I like the "Blondie arch top" are you personally familiar?

I am not other than have heard some over the years and probably played a couple.  (I have only owned one GoldStar).  They are good banjos to very good banjos, component wise better than the Gold Tone and very possibly better in quality than that era of Gibson (which varied).  The Gibson vibe from that era is pretty cool, but if you are looking for a player and value for your $$ I just wanted you to see the other options.   Recording King has made some archies as well, but I did not see any in the classifieds.

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