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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: rise when the rooster crows (uncle dave macon)

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WhiskeyBound - Posted - 03/29/2020:  20:25:05

as the title says. Still working on the intro thing Dave does in a lot of songs - any tips on that part?

WhiskeyBound - Posted - 03/29/2020:  20:27:28

Tuning:  aDADF# (capoed up from gCGCE)

WhiskeyBound - Posted - 03/29/2020:  20:32:47

to clarify, i'm asking about the intro thing from dave's recording as played here, which is not in the video I posted:

i'm starting to work on that technique - fun but funky to nail down

Alvin Conder - Posted - 03/30/2020:  07:26:49

Welcome to the world of Uncle Dave.

I’ve been working on UDM material for decades and the more I listen to the old 78’s, the more I realize how utterly difficult this all is.

Uncle Dave pulled his style from numerous sources and his technique pretty much encompass every style of playing known prior to the 1920’s.

You have some solid basics, great start.

Unfortunately there is only one film of Uncle Dave that I know of, and you can’t see much, so listening to his material is key.

One of the contemporary players that get close and are pretty point on are Chris Berry. He actually gives a very solid tutorial on a few things. Look him up on YouTube. He gives a good break down of what is happening and is a solid player of the highest level.

Mike Seeger had a few lessons on a video somewhere. Folks here would know what I’m talking about. You can pick out playing patterns and picking patterns, rolls ect from these.

The late great Bill Dillof spent decades precisely working on Uncle Dave’s material. I don’t know of any detailed videos of him playing, but some have to be out there. Do a detailed internet search and I’m sure you find some videos of him playing. His knowledge of Uncle Dave’s playing technique and material always amazed me. Look him up on YouTube and see what you come up with.

The single string intros UDM plays are exhausting. The man must have had hands of iron. Only advice I can give is listen to them closely. Those solos melodies are really played on one string. The other pretty much are drones. If you get a good 78 recording and listen with earphones, you can pretty much discern when he takes the melody from one string to another.

Glad to see that you are picking the strings, not just clawhammer or frailing.

I’m a good player, but a lousy teacher, so my advice is probaly pretty light. All I can say is listen and practice. Listen to Uncle Dave himself, but use the Contemporary players for reference.

There is enough UDM material to work on to keep you busy and confused until you are bald like me.

Have fun. Don’t go insane.

WhiskeyBound - Posted - 03/30/2020:  09:24:09

thanks for the big reply Alvin Conder! I knew when asking for insight that the truth probably lies in what was your ultimate point - which has always proven to me the most helpful - listen to Dave, and practice, hah. Contemporary players are definitely good for reference and cutting down on some learning time if they already did some of the heavy lifting, but it's the source that I'm really trying to learn from.

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