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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Today, National Vietnam War Veterans Day

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Sheenjack - Posted - 03/29/2020:  06:56:22

March 29. Thanks to all who served in that conflict for all you endured.

BanjoLink - Posted - 03/29/2020:  07:06:27

Thanks Sheenjack. On this day 50 years ago I was with my platoon on Highway 1 just north of Tam Ky sweeping the road for land mine (IED's). I was a 2nd Lt, and had just taken over command of 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company of the 9th Engineer Battalion. Our headquarters were at Chu Lai, but I had my own little compound with just 26 Marines and a Navy Corpsman in Tam Ky. It was really nice being away the Bn. as we had much more freedom! It seems just like yesterday.

Texasbanjo - Posted - 03/29/2020:  08:42:03

Lost my next door neighbor to Viet Nam. He was in a helicopter attempting to rescue some injured soldiers and it was shot down. He was an only son and his mother was never the same after she buried him.

I'm sure there are many stories just like the above. To those who survived: thank you for your service.

figmo59 - Posted - 03/29/2020:  09:00:28

I never went young..

But lost folks there..

Nerver understood the hatetred of the troops from the folks screaming

RonR - Posted - 03/29/2020:  09:24:28

As a kid I would sit on the curb and watch the Hueys on flat bed trucks that were shot down and recovered go by my house on the way to the Boeing facility in Morton Pa.There they were rebuilt or stripped for parts. I was too young to realise that soldiers lost their lives in these copters.

paco0909 - Posted - 03/29/2020:  16:53:44

I am a decorated Viet Nam vet. I volunteered. The war wasted over 50,000 American lives and many thousands of Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodians. Young protesters aimed their dislike of the war with the soldiers who fought it, sometimes missing those politicians in charge. And then we up and left our Allies in S Viet Nam unceremoniously. Sounds kind of familiar.

Texican65 - Posted - 03/30/2020:  03:50:18

The man who raised me, and taught me about the outdoors, people, how to turn a wrench, music, sports, women....was a green beret medic in Vietnam 70-71. He volunteered because his country called, regardless of how mismanaged or off track the war had become. This country and the free world will always need brave men and women to stand up for a better way of life...and I stand up and salute all of those who had the guts to serve in Vietnam...whether voluntary or not...

My generation, the children of Vietnam veterans...couldn’t be more proud of our parents sacrifices during the war. Regardless the outcome, every one of you brave soldiers who left a piece of your soul over there is a hero in my world. And I’m not alone in my thoughts.

When I was in grade school, everybody’s dad or neighbor, coach,
sheriff, postman...etc. was a Vietnam veteran, a guy in his late 40’s/early 50’s...and us kids all took it for granted. Now so many of those men are gone...or pushing 70+...I’m sorry I didn’t do more over the years to recognize and show appreciation for their sacrifices. I want to while I still can. Anybody know of any organizations for Vietnam veterans to donate to or help out with?


Sheenjack - Posted - 03/30/2020:  06:43:54

Vietnam Veterans Of America Org.

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