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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Update on Eddy

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Meestro - Posted - 03/28/2020:  22:50:07

I tried to phone Eddy Davis this afternoon to see how he and Ruth were doing through the present ordeal that we are all facing with this virus. I haven't had a phone conversation with him since before Christmas and thought it was time. He didn't answer, which surprised me but tonight I received a call from Roy Hill to let me know that he received a call from an All Frets board member stating that Eddy is in the hospital due to the coronavirus.

I subsequently talked to Ruth. Ruth assured me that he is okay and is receiving oxygen periodically. Ruth has also been a victim but she is at home, under quarantine, and of course, very tired. I kept the conversation brief (for anyone that doesn't know me, I can assure you that this is a difficult feat in and of itself) and Ruth did not go into all of the details but reiterated that Eddy is doing okay. I'm not a regularly praying man but seems like now is a really good time to have Ruth and Eddy in my thoughts and prayers.

I haven't checked earlier posts so perhaps everyone on this form was already aware. Please, all of you reading this, be careful and stay safe. I sincerely hope that this message doesn't result in a deluge of calls to Ruth. They are a great couple and Eddy is the musical giant and musical encyclopedia, who we all need to get better as soon as possible. This isn't the summer for banjo festivals and jam sessions but we can keep on pickin' and grinnin' just the same in our own practice rooms.

If I hear anymore I will update on this form but only if I hear from Ruth. I don't want to be bothering her as I'm certain she is exhausted.

Be well everyone! No excuse not to practise now as we apparently have more time than we ever imagined.


Edited by - Meestro on 03/29/2020 09:18:03

musicook - Posted - 03/28/2020:  23:43:43

Thank you for this news. I just started playing tenor banjo this year. I've watched dozens of Eddy's videos dozens of times and learned my first two songs watching them.

I was also supposed to travel to New Jersey for work last month, before all my travel was canceled and was hoping to catch him on a Monday night in the city.

I wish them both peace and a healthy recovery.

Edited by - musicook on 03/28/2020 23:47:17

guitarbanjoman - Posted - 03/28/2020:  23:48:02

Thanks for the update, Ernie.


Eddy, if you are reading this, damn!

Here I've been telling my wife that banjo music destroys the corona virus, and you have to go and make a liar out of me!

Seriously, Eddy, to cheer you up, I want to share some pictures of my beautiful new Art Deco-style plectrum banjo which I bought earlier this month right before this @#$% virus reared its ugly head.

My beautiful banjo was custom made and engraved by a team of banjo superheroes: "Banjomania" wizard Brad Roth, legendary repair lady Renee Karnes, and all-around banjo expert mechanic Vinnie Mondello.

Hope you will enjoy looking at this thing half as much as I do!

Get well soon and back to plinkin'!

Your banjo buddy,


Edited by - guitarbanjoman on 03/28/2020 23:51:06

hobogal - Posted - 03/29/2020:  00:05:20

Thank you for updating us, Ernie.
Eddy has been such a big contributor on this forum and he is so generous in posting his free tutorials and videos. We all learn so much from watching him play.

Eddy - your banjo buddies are wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you are back doing what you love doing very soon!

Mooooo - Posted - 03/29/2020:  01:13:14

Thanks for the update Maestro. I wish a speedy recovery, prayers and best wishes to Eddy and Ruth.

Emiel - Posted - 03/29/2020:  03:27:28

I hope he will recover soon…

L50EF15 - Posted - 03/29/2020:  04:57:37

Prayers sent. Eddy, you’re an inspiration. Get well soon.

hoodoo - Posted - 03/29/2020:  06:22:20

Horrible. Hope that he gets well soon.

geoB - Posted - 03/29/2020:  08:29:20


banjered - Posted - 03/29/2020:  10:53:00

Hope folks are boosting their immune system – organic food, no junk food (and you all know what that is, right?), a basic high quality multiple vitamin/mineral supplement, extra A/D/Zn/slenium and especially extra C with the bioflavanoids & especially quercetin. And recommendations from a microbiologist banjered

northernbelle - Posted - 03/29/2020:  10:58:16

Best wishes for you and your wife, Ruth, Eddy. You've been an inspiration to me as well and I'm one of those 5 stringers ;-) I hope you two can be together again soon and can give each other the strength that long married couples have together!
Thanks for the notice, Meestro.

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 03/29/2020:  18:06:44

Eddy Davis has been a great source of banjo knowledge which he freely shares. One can only hope his recovery is successful and quick.

Jim_R - Posted - 03/30/2020:  05:03:05

Eddy is a treasure. Hoping he gets well soon.

DC5 - Posted - 03/30/2020:  08:54:16

Love Eddy's playing, such a shock. Hoping both he and Ruth recover soon, and completely.

BanjoSteveK - Posted - 03/31/2020:  05:43:14

Thank you for the update on Eddy. I'm very sorry to hear he's ill. I hope he's back home soon; and, that he and Ruth make a speedy recovery.

lazlototh - Posted - 03/31/2020:  09:47:05

Get well soon Eddy. We all need you. Glad to hear he and his wife are on the mend!

Banjoista8N - Posted - 04/01/2020:  20:53:58

Really appreciate the update.
I tried messaging him yesterday because I was worried about them being in the outbreak hotspot and it was very unusual for him not to be posting as he usually does...then I caught this thread in the forum.
In any event, prayers and positive thoughts going out to both of them and anyone else directly affected by this scourge...and to the incredible health care workers of our nation!!!

Meestro - Posted - 04/03/2020:  13:44:13

Update on Eddy as of Today, Friday April 3rd.

I just got off of the phone with Ruth. Many of you probably already know this but here it goes. The day after I posted last week, Eddy was prepped and moved to an ICU room and put on a respirator/ventilator where he is holding his own. Ruth heard from the doctor yesterday and they are taking this, one day at a time. I’m so glad they had a machine available for him. Ruth is still coughing and tired, but putting on a good front. Continue to pray for both of them and the thousands of others that are suffering. Take care everyone.

L50EF15 - Posted - 04/03/2020:  13:52:24


L50EF15 - Posted - 04/03/2020:  13:52:44

Prayers sent.

Banjoista8N - Posted - 04/03/2020:  15:23:32

Prayers and positive thoughts!
Thanks for the update...concerning as it is!

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 04/03/2020:  15:55:48

Thanks Ernie for the update.

Don Lewers - Posted - 04/03/2020:  16:05:37

Thanks for your last update Ernie, like a lot of folks, I've been constantly worrying about Eddy and Ruths well being ...... we can only hope they can continue to fight on, and pull through this, in the best way possible. ..... Don.

Ag_econ_man - Posted - 04/03/2020:  20:23:53

Eddy, best wishes. Keep up the good fight. Joe

Texasbanjo - Posted - 04/05/2020:  04:50:43

We now have 2 threads on Eddy, so I'm going to lock this one and direct people to the other one. Go here:

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