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allfrets - Posted - 03/26/2020:  10:49:32

With so many events and activities cancelled, the American Banjo Museum is trying to supply everyone's banjo "fix" needs with live and recorded programming everyday at noon on Facebook. If you're a tenor banjo player and would like to participate in a live workshop this Saturday, please do so. To access the workshop just go to Facebook right at noon, search for American Banjo Museum, and scroll down to the LIVE feed. Once you click on the LIVE feed you'll have joined the workshop and will be able to submit your questions or comments. If you'd like to send questions or subjects you'd like discussed in advance, please email them to: Generally I cover a wide range of left and right hand techniques along tips on arranging, improving musicianship and becoming a better performer. If this sounds interesting, please join us...I look forward to virtually being with you on Saturday at noon.

Johnny Baier/American Banjo Museum

Banjo Den - Posted - 03/26/2020:  16:41:24

What a tremendous idea. Tyler Jackson presented a workshop last Sunday and it was outstanding. The tenor and plectrum banjo commmunities are both very strong and close knit as we've seen at All Frets Conventions and various the banjo events throughout the country. I've met other banjo players that became instant friends, and the friendship is re-newed the very next year. I've always looked forward to the Workshops given by the banjo "Greats" : Eddy Davis, Steve Caddick, Lance Diekow, Tom Stuip, Paul Ericson - to name just a few, but there are so many more. I've also noticed how friendly and approachable the aforementioned "Greats" are when I had a question.

This initiative of the 'Online Workshop' will certainly help to alleviate a malady that I anticipated would occur for me and for many others that I named - AWW, also known as Acute Workshop Withdrawal.

We are living in a very trying time, and a time that we will never forget. Many of us are lacking the socialization that we have become accustomed to, so we'll make do. However an online workshop will brighten up the day of every participant and further strengthen the bond that we banjo players proudly share.

Lets all be sure to abide by all the recommendations provided for us to avoid this dreadful illness and we'll all raise a glass to our continued good health when we next meet.

Wishing you many blessings,

Banjo Den

YankeeBob - Posted - 03/26/2020:  17:07:01

By "noon", do you mean noon Central Saving Time Zone?


Banjo Den - Posted - 03/26/2020:  18:20:10

Great question, Bob.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 03/26/2020:  18:32:34


Johnny, this is great! Will the video workshop be archived?

allfrets - Posted - 03/27/2020:  05:18:12

Yes, the live tenor banjo workshop will take place on Saturday, March 28th at Noon central daylight time. Go to Facebook, search American Banjo Museum and scroll down to the LIVE link. After the live event the workshop will be archived on the Facebook page. Looking forward to being with you tomorrow...

Johnny Baier

majesty - Posted - 03/27/2020:  08:29:24

Bob: Just ask for the Oklahoma City time , and compare it to your clock. Jim

hobogal - Posted - 03/29/2020:  00:15:35

I signed up on FB so I could attend - thanks Johnny for a very interesting workshop. Some things I am taking away from it are that banjo playing is physically demanding and so you need to do a warm-up as part of your regular practice routine (both hands). I've been getting some early signs of what I think is wear-and-tear arthritis in my right hand and am really going to take this on board. Also, I am going to practice more broken chords and arpeggios - he showed some great techniques inspired by Perry Bechtel. So much info, I need to watch again!

Andrew Roblin - Posted - 03/29/2020:  06:24:09

Very helpful workshop. Thank you Johnny and American Banjo Museum!

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