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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Eli Gilbert Youtube Download

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kmwaters - Posted - 03/25/2020:  05:58:05

I have used Freemake video Premium edition to download lots of things from Youtube. Some are video, and some I have set the software to download the video and then convert to mp3, like songs. Anyhow, Freemake refuses on the Gilbert vids. If any of you have downloaded his stuff let me know how you did it. I really don't want to buy anything, as I already have so much material on the banjo from vids to books to yada yada. Thanks.

KCJones - Posted - 03/25/2020:  13:41:48

Friendly reminder that YouTube content creators and musicians work hard to make their videos and downloading YouTube videos is a violation of copyright laws.

Richard Hauser - Posted - 03/26/2020:  06:38:24

It seems as though people selling material can make arrangements with Youtube to prevent downloads. Some videos on Youtube are not downloadable or were only downloadable for a short time. Violations often result in a reduction in accessibility of educational materials. Even for people who subscribe and pay for material from that website.

Eli Gilbert - Posted - 03/26/2020:  16:44:14

I can assure you that I've done nothing on my end to prevent you from downloading the videos.

However, as I told you when you emailed me about this topic, these videos take a lot of time and hard work, and are available for free on Youtube. In exchange I get a small amount of money from Youtube, provided the views actually occur on Youtube. So when someone downloads the videos it eliminates, in a small way, the compensation I receive for the work I do.

More importantly, much more importantly, when someone watches my videos on Youtube, then Youtube is more likely to suggest the video to someone else, which means free banjo education is spread to more people, which is really the bigger picture. I do things the way I do because I want as many people as possible to have access to information about the art form that I care about so much.

It really doesn't bother me that much if people download my videos, I can't stop you and I wouldn't waste my time trying if I could. But at the very least I ask that you don't publicly advertise and promote the idea that it's okay to violate copyright law, affect my livelihood, and limit the spread of free banjo education.

Don't mean to come down hard on anyone here, just hoping we can all be on the same team.

geoB - Posted - 03/26/2020:  16:47:32

I'm in complete agreement Eli.

From Greylock to Bean Blossom - Posted - 03/26/2020:  18:29:14

Just for the record, I did the patreon thing with Eli and it it a big bargain. There is more stuff offered each month than I can absorb so I have a lOOOOOng to to list. But even if it is not on my daily work-on list, it is entertaining and good music and always I understand a bit more. I would encourage others to try it. The cost is practically nothing. You will spend more in Starbucks or Dunkin donuts in a month than you will on this in a year.

KDBanjo - Posted - 03/26/2020:  21:38:43

I am a Eli Gilbert Patreon supporter as well. The cost is really reasonable and I can not keep up with all of Eli's new stuff. Eli is a great teacher and explains things very well. It is amazing how much stuff you have access to as a Patreon supporter, numerous videos, banjo tab for many songs and you can ask Eli questions. He has done a great job and it's obvious that he is very passionate about sharing his knowledge.

Thank you Eli!

banjoy - Posted - 03/27/2020:  03:13:45

YouTube's Terms of Service specifically prohibit downloads unless YouTube itself provides a download link. Generally, downloading the work of someone else violates YouTube's TOS as well as copyright law. Just because there are 3rd party tools to download videos anyway, it does not make it right, either legally or morally. It just makes it possible.

There are very few instances where YouTube makes it okay to download, and generally, it's for playing offline later in YouTube's player. Even then there are limitations.

Even though this video is a few years out of date, this guy pretty much explains it clearly in about 4 minutes:


It's almost like the wild west again, but not quite.

Edited by - banjoy on 03/27/2020 03:14:34

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