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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: String Gauges

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Koauke - Posted - 03/20/2020:  20:28:39

My poor Plectrum hasn't really been played over the last few years and needs a new set of strings. Renee Karnes had put a new set on some years ago after doing some refinishing on the neck. I really liked how she had set it up and I continued purchasing the same gauges, but stupid me I used the last set a while ago and don't remember what they were. Figure now that I can't go anywhere I should get back into playing.

I suppose I could give her a call, but hate bugging people so I figured I'd bother you all here first :). Anyone happen to know?
Trusrod do you happen to know what she uses?
Or maybe someone has other suggestions?

geoB - Posted - 03/21/2020:  02:25:05

Do u have access to a caliper?

If so measure the gauge in thousandths.

.010 is 10/1000

.009 is 09/1000

Some players find tens to be just right with a firmness at standard tuning which accommodates their picking intensity and finger pressure on the string.

Nines facilitate a lighter touch.

But to really get you in the ballpark a caliper will help the most.

Sound projection (acoustically) is also a bit more robust with a heavier gauge. Microphones or pickups would probably make this a moot point.

Edited by - geoB on 03/21/2020 02:26:11

Koauke - Posted - 03/21/2020:  05:27:19

Actually, I do have calipers thank you for the suggestions

trussrod - Posted - 03/22/2020:  10:21:23

Try .010 - .012 - .016 - .23 on your vintage Epiphone. I use .010 - .013 - .016 - .028 on my Vegavox. Some players like wound 3rd strings but I don't remember the size. See if your tailpiece also accepts ball end strings, some well stocked guitar shops offer individual strings. In the end only you will hear any difference. Bronze wound strings add sweetness but are more expensive and short lived. Try calling Renee'.

- Garry

Koauke - Posted - 03/24/2020:  21:47:26

Thanks for the input Trussrod, Hope your doing well.

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