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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: proper use when not in use of Paige style capo

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From Greylock to Bean Blossom - Posted - 02/18/2020:  11:53:57

I have always used a Shubb capo and recently got a Paige. How tight should I keep it when i am not using it and it is between the nut and the tuning pegs? If I leave it too loose, it moves around and hits my left hand when fretting in the nut area. I am afraid if I have it too tight when up in that area it will affect the tuning of the banjo.

eagleisland - Posted - 02/18/2020:  13:59:21

Move it behind the nut. Tighten just enough so that it can't slide back over the nut. Easy-peasy.

ChunoTheDog - Posted - 02/18/2020:  14:50:41

I cram it as high as it can go behind the nut. Doesn't move.

chuckv97 - Posted - 02/18/2020:  15:09:50

Mine is loose as described above,,,my left hand hits it now & then, but I’m used to that,,no annoyance

From Greylock to Bean Blossom - Posted - 02/18/2020:  19:04:13

Thanks Skip, Antioine, And Chuck. I will try it with those thoughts.

Scout70 - Posted - 02/19/2020:  03:39:07

Go back to the Schubb. Problem solved.

From Greylock to Bean Blossom - Posted - 02/19/2020:  07:18:15


Originally posted by Scout70

Go back to the Schubb. Problem solved.

Don't think that has not crossed my mind. but the problems with the Shubb: 1 you have to remember to take it with you to jam or you can lose it because it is not attached to banjo. 2 no shirt pockets to keep it in and it is easy to fall out of pant pocket unless you keep it deep and if you keep it deep it is uncomfortable and takes time to get into and out of pocket at jam. 3 Shubb seems bulkier and hits the left hand more when fretting.


eagleisland - Posted - 02/19/2020:  07:34:56


Originally posted by Scout70

Go back to the Schubb. Problem solved.

The Shubb is a fine capo for the Supremely Well Organized. I am not a member of that tribe.

Although the Shubb also offers exceptional value for money when purchased new, its price tends to skyrocket for members of the I'd-Lose-My-Head-Were-It-Not-Firmly-Attached tribe (in which I'm a card-carrying member).

Scout70 - Posted - 02/19/2020:  08:57:55

I have a Paige capo and several others of similar design. They are great until you need to capo the 5th fret or higher. Basically, you are buying an expensive capo that can only be used on the first four frets!

Playing on the 5th fret or higher requires my Shubb capo usually tucked away in my back pocket. In the end, I prefer one capo that can give me more options up the next.

The Paige capo is cool looking though and very functional but limited.

chuckv97 - Posted - 02/19/2020:  09:18:38

I bought the wider Paige for the infrequent times that I play in C or F capo’d at the 5th fret. I also sometimes use my Kyser clamp-type for that.

jgbrady13 - Posted - 02/19/2020:  09:30:50

I just got a Paige ‘Clik’ model and i think it’s defective. I follow the directions and unscrew if half a turn and push the button and it won’t push in to release tension. I emailed the company but no reply. Anyone else have this problem?

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 02/19/2020:  09:34:47

I use a Shubb with a strap holder as shown in is old thread.

Good Buddy - Posted - 02/19/2020:  11:43:06

Here's the Schubb Fine Tune Capo that I use - $75. I think Page ripped off the design but made it cheaper.

It is parked behind the nut and is kept lightly tightened so it doesn't move around, but not so much to change the pitch of the strings. Like wearing finger-picks or generally like anything in life, it takes a bit of getting used to. It is well worth the money I put into it. For anything above the 4th I use the Planet Waves NS capo

Edited by - Good Buddy on 02/19/2020 11:46:48

eagleisland - Posted - 02/19/2020:  11:58:59


Originally posted by Good Buddy

Here's the Schubb Fine Tune Capo that I use - $75. I think Page ripped off the design but made it cheaper.


Probably not. The fundamental design concept Paige uses is currently available from at least half a dozen other makers - and over time, likely more than that. I have one sold by Huber, for example.

monstertone - Posted - 02/19/2020:  17:09:00

I have an open C type capo rather than a Paige or McKinney. When not in use I keep it clamped right on top of the nut so it does not interfere with tuning, & D tuners on the rare occasion I use them. Suggest you ask Sonny Osborne how he used to store his.

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