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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Philadelphia marching bands and BANJOS

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Joven - Posted - 02/06/2020:  11:07:37

What a joy is to watch them and listen to them
Have counted about 10 of them at once. Anybody of you guys is part of the Mummers of South Philly marching bands?

Alvin Conder - Posted - 02/06/2020:  11:46:13

I used to go to the mummers parades in Philadelphia specifically to check out the banjos, well that, and to drink beers on the streets until all hours with my Brothers. They cut the beer in public, so the parades are not the same, I stopped going and so I have no idea if the banjo parade is still the same. In the past, never too many Gibson’s, but a lot of beautiful Paramounts, Bacons and a few stray Epiphone tenor and plectrum banjos. I found it very interesting just to see all the instruments.

Years ago I picked up a near mint condition RB-800 from a guy who fed banjos to the various Mummers groups in the city. Picked it up for next to nothing as he said being a 5 String, it was about worthless to him or any of his customers. Perspective in things always plays a vital role. Still have the 800.

Mummers are a unique and one of a kind of thing.

Mooooo - Posted - 02/06/2020:  12:22:02

I never heard of it before Jeff, FlyinEagle brought it up. I think he may do it or has done it. Looks like those guys are having fun.

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