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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Bacon and Day 1914 banjo

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BobbyMojave - Posted - 01/23/2020:  17:03:23

Had the chance to play this Bacon and Day 1914 banjo, the most beautiful banjo i have ever seen or graced my ears upon. Had a plastic back (1914!!) with faceted rubies, emeralds, diamonds. It was very dusty, case was a bit beaten up, but banjo was in fairly-well condition!! Didnt want to take too many pictures (not my banjo!) but this was an ornament of musical instruments if i have ever seen one. The time and detail they took to accomplish this work of art is amazing! Has anyone heard of a banjo like this?

Edited by - BobbyMojave on 01/28/2020 15:35:57


mainejohn - Posted - 01/23/2020:  17:22:29

That's a beautiful B&D, but it's my understanding that the "bump flange" as pictured on that B&D wasn't introduced until 1929/1930. Curious as to how you came up with 1914.

Bob Smakula - Posted - 01/23/2020:  17:23:48

The banjo looks significantly later than 1914. The Bacon Banjo co started marking banjos with B&D in about 1923. I also see the tailpiece is a flip style that was used on Paramount banjos, then Gretsch made Bacon banjos circa 1940.

If you post clear pictures of the banjo and note the serial number, the Bacon banjo fans on Banjo Hangout will flood you with quality information.

Bob Smakula

DSmoke - Posted - 01/23/2020:  18:52:24

That looks to be more of an archtop tone ring, maybe that helps with dates.

csacwp - Posted - 01/23/2020:  19:00:35

That's a very late Bacon, possibly Gretch made.

BobbyMojave - Posted - 01/24/2020:  07:35:20

yes what i wrote about the banjo is exactly what the owner told me. There is no guarantee either of us have any idea what it is. i didnt touch the gemstones to see if they were real. i should have taken a picture of the back of the body, it was beautiful! an antique banjo if ive ever seen one.

banjotrader - Posted - 01/24/2020:  12:33:58

The Paramount tailpiece tells you its Gretsch, so 1940+

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 01/24/2020:  12:53:37

Maybe some of the trees used in this banjo were growing in 1914, but the banjo was made much later.

More and better pictures would help determine what you are actually playing here.

Polle Flaunoe - Posted - 01/25/2020:  04:53:56


The banjo in question seems to be a Bacon Symphonie Silver Bell - built in the early 60s by Gretsch.

For comparison here are links to two examples of mine:

Edited by - Polle Flaunoe on 01/25/2020 04:55:04

BobbyMojave - Posted - 01/25/2020:  16:39:30

yup thats the banjo haha... i wont ruin his day by telling him... at first i thought i heard him wrong and he had said 19"40", instead of four-teen. Still a beautiful banjo but not original plastic... and jeez it was dusty enough to look that old haha

Edited by - BobbyMojave on 01/25/2020 16:40:57

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