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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Apple scam phone call

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link:

Texasbanjo - Posted - 01/18/2020:  10:11:44

I didn't want to hijack Mike Gregory's thread about spammers, so thought I'd start this one.....

About 9 this morning I got a phone call, Id said "Apple ... something". Figure it was a scammer, didn't answer. They left word to contact them immediately because my icloud information had been compromised. One, I don't have Apple, and 2, I don't have icloud. Deleted the message. Wasn't 15 minutes until they called again, didn't answer, same message. This happened 2 more times and I got mad. The 5th time.... count them, 5 times in less than 2 hours..... I decided to answer. Listened to the message and when it said click 2 to talk to a rep, I did. Didn't give them time to say anything except a couple of words and went into a diatribe about I knew they were spammer and they better quit calling or I'd sue..... and then I was talking to the air. They hung up.

They haven't called back and it's been a couple of hours. Gee, that was easy, wish I'd have done it on the 1st or 2nd call.

Aitor Eneko - Posted - 01/18/2020:  10:30:08

That is pretty normal, the scammers knows that a very high number of people have money in certain banks, use amazon apple, etc etc, and they call or send messages telling they are calling from that companies that everybody uses, so we must be careful. Never click a link on a message. go to the web and read there if you have any message.

I use to order many things to England, or USA, but i have received that kind of false messages when i am not waiting for anything. Be careful.

When i receive that kind of calls, i hung up and block the number. never speak with them, never click a message, never pulse a key on the telephone, just hung up.

By the way, last month i was very lucky due to i receive 3 millionaires heritages from far relatives.... jus paying 2.000 dollars for the documents i will receive a couple of millions dollars, and maybe a Granada Banjo!!

DC5 - Posted - 01/18/2020:  10:52:38

I use to play with them, but even that got tiresome. One time I out and out started yelling at the guy and calling him a fraud and that he was not from "Windows" and there was no company "Windows". He kept insisting that my computer was sending out bad information on the net, following his script, so I continued to accuse him of being a fraud and a cheat so he started yelling at me and said he was going to f*** my mother. I said he was really sick because she had been dead for over 10 years, but enjoy himself if that's what he's into and I hung up. Believe it or not he called me back and continued to yell and threaten to come over and kill me. I asked if he was swimming from India, or rowing a boat, but either way I'd be waiting and I hung up again. At least the whole time he was on the phone with me he wasn't calling anyone else.
These calls can be stopped, but neither the phone companies, nor the governments care to stop them. Blocking the numbers does no good as they simply steal another number.

Aitor Eneko - Posted - 01/18/2020:  11:03:35

Yes, use to be people from India, Pakistan, Nigeria (very famous here in Spain the Nigerian scam)

WesB - Posted - 01/18/2020:  12:26:56

I like to lead them on as much as possible. When they ask for some info from my computer I tell them it's not on. They tell me to turn it on and I tell them it will take a little time for the coal-fired generator to get enough juice going to do it. You can take it from there to wherever you want. Eventually they hang up.

A solar energy salesman on one call couldn't believe where I was obtaining all the coal. I told him I bought all of Tucson Electric's surplus when they switched to oil. These guys are all pretty dense.

RV6 - Posted - 01/18/2020:  16:29:00

I could have sworn I posted this in the past.  But, as it's kinda funny, I'll do it again.

I received a phone call with the caller's ID being "Okamulgee,  Oklahoma County Jail".  I was bored so I answered.

"Grandpa, I'm in trouble and in jail in Oklahoma and need money for bail." (I have twin grandsons, ten years old and a 3 year old grandson who live in the Denver area. I was pretty sure weren't in jail).

I said, (and I'm paraphrasing what I said, i.e, cleaning it up for the Hangout), "what have you done now, you little (---)?  I told you the last time you called that I'd never bail your your sorry (--) out again you worthless, little piece of (---).  You're on your own from now on.  Your grandma and I are going down to the bar and drink up all the money we might have sent you because you're a lost cause.  We hope you enjoy the new friends in jail and don't ever call us again!"

For some reason, my "grandson" hung up.  Well, good riddance!

Hope this passes the censor testsurprise


banjo_brad - Posted - 01/19/2020:  12:35:29

I like to play with the "Granpa" callers, myself, being as how we never had kids.

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