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Jonny8040 - Posted - 12/16/2019:  06:58:59

Hey everybody!
I am needing help with a song. The link is at the bottom. The song starts in Bb and then goes to B. You can hear the change in the song from 1:05 - 1:15 The problem is how to change without moving my capo. I'd like to keep capoed at B since most of the song is in B. So I guess my question is how to I play a Bb in capo 4th fret. Any input is greatly appreciated!

The link:


In Jesus,

dmiller - Posted - 12/16/2019:  07:07:30

Here is a live link to click on.  smiley

Jonny8040 - Posted - 12/16/2019:  07:15:14


Originally posted by dmiller

Here is a live link to click on.  smiley

Thank you so much! I thought I did that but it didn't haha! Thank you! 

thisoldman - Posted - 12/16/2019:  07:57:37

You can find Bb up the neck chords  Since you will use a capo you will want to use closed chord shapes if you are picking on strings 1 - 4.   Or partial chords if you pick on strings 1 - 3 (omit the 4th) 

WayneConrad - Posted - 01/11/2020:  08:57:55

That sounds like the "Truck Driver's Gear Change," a half step up modulation up in order to add interest and energy or to sound uplifting. At one time it was almost mandatory in country music (listen to reruns of Hee Haw from back in the day and almost every number does it). It's not mandatory, so you can learn the song without it to get started, or play the song without it if you want.

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