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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: clip on mic comparison (for playing live clawhammer)

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DeepRiverRuse - Posted - 12/16/2019:  06:20:28

Hi guys,

picking between Shure Beta 98H/C and the Audio Technica 350... price is relatively similar but Shure tends to be £20-30 cheaper.

The AT mount works on drums so, seems to make more sense as the banjo is a drum in a way... worried the shure clip won't stay on as well.

I've seen DPAs but really can't justify that amount of money on a mic. I play acoustically fairly often and not sure I need to spend that much - at least not yet. And I couldn't hear £300+ worth difference in sound - though people tell me they have great feedback resistance ..

I really do care about my banjo sounding like a banjo as much as possible and not like an electric guitar so ideas welcome. Thanks.

jazz-phil - Posted - 12/16/2019:  08:22:51

I use a Microvox system. A UK company based in Holmfirth. I use the swan neck violin mic which attaches using velcro. I have a felt pad I tuck under the strings near the tail piece with the matching velcro. This pad also takes a bit of the ring out of the banjo reducing the chance of feedback. The mic works with a matching preamp which fits on your belt, so you also have a volume control to hand. The whole system is, I think, around £100.

I've used the mic in clubs, outdoors, at festivals and even in a noisy shopping centre and I've had compliments on the quality of the sound.

The company is also great at quick turn arounds for repairs and, so far, have never charged me anything for doing the work.

DeepRiverRuse - Posted - 12/16/2019:  08:27:28

that's interesting man and cheaper ... I'll check it out.

jazz-phil - Posted - 12/16/2019:  09:31:44

You sometimes find secondhand systems on Ebay. I've bought a couple off there, including two mics and a preamp recently for around £40.

PM me if you have any questions.

DeepRiverRuse - Posted - 12/17/2019:  05:02:25


my only thing is that I may use this on my fiddle as well so is this other system also usable on a fiddle?

The reason this appeals is I can mic pretty much anything with this mics.

jazz-phil - Posted - 12/17/2019:  23:03:53

The fiddle player I play with uses Microvox with the swan neck mic. I also use it to switch between clawhammer banjo and dobro. I created a mount for the dobro and, as I switch instruments I just dip the volume on the preamp and move the mic. Because it's using velcro it only takes a moment.

Edited by - jazz-phil on 12/17/2019 23:05:29

Crane-o - Posted - 12/19/2019:  15:59:25

I also use the Shure Beta 98 H clip on mic with really good results. I get a lot of favourable comments. Having used a few stick on contacts which make a banjo sound a bit like an electric guitar type of thing. I’ve also used the Gold Tone mic but with not good results. The Shure is not cheap, but it’s the best I’ve used. Tony.

paxflyer - Posted - 01/03/2020:  06:23:28

I use a Shure 98 H/C also. You can use a small piece of velcro and secure to one of brackets. I have also swapped out the mic capsule with the RMP110 Supercardioid Cartridge from Shure. This was done free by the dealer when I purchased the mic. I think its a better mic when this is done.

Another cool benefit of Shure 98 is you can always go wireless which is truly organic and cool. Same 4-pin fitting that works in all their wireless packs.

Good luck, James

banjohood - Posted - 01/03/2020:  10:16:18

I have used both the Shure 98 and the AT 350. If I remember correctly, they sounded and performed very similar. I think the Shure was a little easier to get into position on the banjo. I have a Bartlett mic that I like better than those other two, which attaches directly to the head, but not sure if you can get that in the UK.

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