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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Wood song any info

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Surfbrah - Posted - 11/29/2019:  08:56:10

I was looking for a second banjo . One that already had some character flaws lol. Some thing I can fix up , and not be scared to scratch. I found an old Wood Song on reverb. Not a vaga .I have not seen it in person yet, or have I ever seen one. I found it interesting. Well it spoke to me I guess. I believe I over paid even if it was on sale hahaha. The only info I can find was an old thread on here. It was made by a guy in PA. I was hoping someone had more info .

kyleb - Posted - 11/29/2019:  09:29:10

this one?

kyleb - Posted - 11/29/2019:  09:31:18

according to the internet, the woodstong brand is owned by gold tone and made in china. im not sure that this is the same. but..

kyleb - Posted - 11/29/2019:  09:34:55

apparently theres also a woodsong that was made by Corky Wirick of Bedford, PA and yours looks from the beghead to be similar. there should be more identifing info in the pot. the sticker on the back of yours give me caution that it could be chinese. do you have this banjo in your posession? anything in the pot?

vintagetenor - Posted - 11/29/2019:  10:46:01

Not Chinese-made. This is one of Corky's.

Dan Gellert - Posted - 11/29/2019:  11:34:04

I think Gold Tone uses the Woodsong name on guitars, but not on banjos.

Surfbrah - Posted - 11/29/2019:  15:16:19

Kyleb that is the one I bought. According to the tracking number I should have it tomorrow .
Any info on Corky? I would like to know more about him , and his banjos. I do believe it says Corky on the back heal of the banjo. I can't make out what the front inlay says. Blair maybe?

Surfbrah - Posted - 11/29/2019:  16:12:53

I found a small article that he retired from making banjos in 2008. At the age of 80 .

vintagetenor - Posted - 11/29/2019:  17:14:30

He actually turned 80 on 2009. :)

I see him driving around town every so often.

Surfbrah - Posted - 11/29/2019:  18:12:35

That is super cool. I hope he is doing well. I can't wait to see his work , and hear it. Thank you all for the help. Say hi to Corky for me if you see him.

Surfbrah - Posted - 11/30/2019:  12:07:01

Well I got her . I need to put new strings, tighten the head , and clean her up. It was made by Corky Wirick December 1st 2000 #161 . It was made for some one named Blair (not posting the last name). It is very nicely made . Neck is fatter then my other banjo .Has some dings , scratches, and fret wear . I think she will play real nice. No buyers remorse.

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