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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: "Rare" Gibson Earl Scruggs "Special" on the eBay this morning

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The Old Timer - Posted - 11/28/2019:  07:25:00

No painting of Earl on the resonator, so it's not the "Super Earl", but his signature in abalone. Gold plate, engraving, lots of abalone trim.

Was this a catalog item? Let's see, I'm aware of ES Standard, Flint Hill Special, Golden Deluxe, Super Earl, and now "Special". Are there more?

I will say it's mighty purty.

Edited by - The Old Timer on 11/28/2019 07:26:45

mirwin - Posted - 11/28/2019:  07:39:11

Yes, it is nice. You can get it for $500 less on the Guess the price increase covers his ebay costs.

flyingsquirrelinlay - Posted - 11/28/2019:  07:44:33

Way too rich for my blood, way too beautiful, too. IMHO, a banjo exists to be played.

Edited by - flyingsquirrelinlay on 11/28/2019 07:45:06

rcc56 - Posted - 11/28/2019:  10:46:04

Recent topic, same model banjo, half the price:

GStump - Posted - 11/28/2019:  11:04:25

Dick, the banjo you refer to as the "super Earl," is known simply as "The Earl." it was, to my knowledge, the most expensive of any of the Scruggs model banjos that Gibson ever produced. There are only 4 of them in existence. Let me see if I can get this right, the specific names of the Scruggs models/banjos - they were (in no particular order) the Standard Scruggs, the "49 Classic," the Earl Scruggs Special, The Golden Deluxe, The Flint Hill Special, and "The Earl." Some would argue the Granada is also, "kinda' sorta' possibly perhaps maybe".... a Scruggs model. I am pretty certain I am forgetting at least one version or model. "The Earl" was about 50K NEW. (like 49,995.00 or some such) there were to be 5 of them; one was destroyed or damaged in the flood, and the purchaser was (to my knowledge, according to the stories I have heard) given the opportunity to - 1) either wait for that particular banjo to be properly repaired or replaced, OR 2) to back out of the deal with no penalty; he apparently opted out of the deal.

danielburdett - Posted - 11/28/2019:  16:52:37

I played one of these before. I believe it was listed as a “special” or something. And the owner’s wife purchased it from Janet Davis, so it was legit. It was a very nice sounding banjo from what I remember.

J.Albert - Posted - 11/30/2019:  15:08:19

The plating, engraving, and abalone binding are beautiful, but I reckon that it has the same Kulesh ring and 3-ply rim that the rest of the Scruggs banjos have.

That's $9,500 difference, for jes' about the same sound !

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