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IMBanjoJim - Posted - 11/25/2019:  16:53:31

I know they aren't making these anymore, but this seems way too pricey:

Bill Rogers - Posted - 11/25/2019:  18:00:26

If it can be reliably dated, it’s collectible. That accounts for the price. The seller wants to market to collectors, not players.

R Buck - Posted - 11/25/2019:  18:25:37

Well I saw a Kentucky mandolin for over $12,000. So...

MacCruiskeen - Posted - 11/25/2019:  18:39:09

It’s pre-war.

Bill Rogers - Posted - 11/25/2019:  18:54:44

Actually, it’s pre-wars. Its value depends on how many it antedates.

jfhascall - Posted - 11/26/2019:  15:04:47

Bernunzio is not a low-priced dealer, but I tend to trust them in terms of claims they make as to what an instrument is. I do notice that the reverb ad say that it was posted over three years ago so nobody is beating down their door for the banjo.

Joel Hooks - Posted - 11/26/2019:  17:18:15

I know this banjo. While unmarked it is most likely built by Jacobs who supplied many of the early professionals.  There is a very high probability that this banjo predates the ACW.

Here are a couple of marked Jacobs banjos

This would be considered a "professional" instrument of its time. 

m06 - Posted - 11/27/2019:  06:25:14

As Bill said that's priced for the collectors market. And that is determined by one thing: scarcity.

The higher the prices the collector can be persuaded to pay the less likely these instruments are to be played. They get cotton-wooled to preserve their inflated 'value' as a financial asset. Like paintings that are effectively hidden in vaults.

It takes all types. But personally I kind've think that the people who buy into that behaviour deserve the self-imposed sterility that entails.

Clifton Hicks - Posted - 11/27/2019:  06:38:21

We got to play this banjo in 2018: video  

kyleb - Posted - 11/27/2019:  06:44:03

seems priced right to me, its certianly known and desired.

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