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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: What's this material like?

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Blue20Boy17 - Posted - 10/22/2019:  16:51:59

If I was to buy this material and use it for inlays, would it still look like MOP if I had to sand the top of it flush with the fretboard? I don't want to buy something like this if it would look yucky after sanding...

Edited by - Blue20Boy17 on 10/22/2019 16:52:46

banjukebox - Posted - 10/22/2019:  17:00:55

Isn't that what they call "Mother of Toilet Seat"?

tdennis - Posted - 10/22/2019:  18:27:49

Celluloid can be made with different formulas, thicknesses, & layers, (so I'm not sure what you're looking at). ...But it is usually a material that is made to cover or fit.   It is not a material you necessarily want to sand,or finish.   If you sand it, it would take special 3 step polishes   to make it smooth again.  (not  a good material to sand). 

Edited by - tdennis on 10/22/2019 18:35:41

Fathand - Posted - 10/22/2019:  18:28:17

That is designed to be used for pickguards etc. that dont need to be sanded.

There is plastic inlay material available that can be sanded and look like MOP. Try StewMac, LMII or Amazon

Old Hickory - Posted - 10/22/2019:  19:48:27

The product is only .075-inch thick and is sold as inlay material. Why would you assume it's not the same stuff from LMII, Stew-Mac or Amazon that can be sanded?  I'd assume that after sanding for thickness, it would require sanding to high grits and then polishing to bring back its sheen.

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 10/22/2019:  20:03:43

I don't think there's a plastic made that doesn't have to be polished after sanding.

desert rose - Posted - 10/22/2019:  21:49:54

This ad is misleading, this is NOT the material ud by Gibson on the ir Les Pauls etc. this is celluloid, the material used by Gibson and also Fender on the Jazz bass is a cast acrylic resin about 3/16 thick and HARD

I have sheets of it


Ken LeVan - Posted - 10/23/2019:  05:10:18

I don't see how you would be able to inlay a fingerboard with ANY material without having to sand the whole thing.

Cast acrylic, as Scott says, is much harder than celluloid. Corian© is a cast acrylic and is hard enough to be used for kitchen counters which are constantly scrubbed.  It comes in many many colors and patterns, and I have used it for inlays a few times— it works very well, although has a different look than MOP and is not imitative of that.  You can often get scraps from kitchen cabinet contractors for very little money.

It's friendlier to work with than MOP, doesn't smell bad, and the dust doesn't get absorbed through your skin or into your lungs as in MOP.

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