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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Drum recycling

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link-o-sausages - Posted - 09/28/2019:  12:08:17

Saw a full set of drums for sale at a garage sale for 40$ and was thinking this would be great for a nice cheap grain measure style build. I have a pile of maple veneer I was sitting on from another project so I’m thinking about plugging the drill holes, veneering the fronts and cutting them into 3” hoops.

Make a few banjos and keep it out of the landfill.

Edited by - link-o-sausages on 09/28/2019 12:09:32


Ken LeVan - Posted - 09/28/2019:  13:31:31

That's a great idea!  What diameter are they?

link-o-sausages - Posted - 09/28/2019:  13:39:00

Two 12” toms one 14” Tom a metal 14” snare (useless for this build but I might make a djanzang or something with it).
And a bass drum I haven’t measured yet that I plan one making into 1 or 2 upright bass banjos

link-o-sausages - Posted - 09/28/2019:  13:52:47

So far so good the two outer parts are nice and sturdy but the center has a hardware hole that might be too big to plug. I think I’ll realistically be able to get 2 rims out of each drum, was hoping for 3 but not likely.


mickwright - Posted - 09/29/2019:  14:20:16

I picked up a 13" tom thinking it looked like it contained banjos. They're almost completed, in my imagination. Just lack the finishing up.

link-o-sausages - Posted - 09/29/2019:  14:44:59

This is perfect for me I was actually thinking about ordering some drum shells and cutting them up to make pots but between the price and shipping it was cheaper to buy a finished drum set unless I got them from China, assuming I had room to store 80 Shells.

link-o-sausages - Posted - 09/29/2019:  14:48:25

Grabbed a neck out of the oopsie bin and modified it to fit on the drum shell “banjo pot now”. She seems stable gonna have to wrap some veneer on her and hide those ugly ash plies.

Edited by - link-o-sausages on 09/29/2019 14:49:20


mike gregory - Posted - 09/29/2019:  14:54:03

LEAVE the hardware hole.
It's an honest part of the instrument's history.

But, if you MUST, what's wrong with sanding down a dowel or a hunk of broomstick to a slight taper, gluing it in, sanding it off, and veneering over it?

link-o-sausages - Posted - 09/29/2019:  15:37:01

Was actually thinking about leaving it as a sound port.

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